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The Tokyo Olympic Games - pt.2

21st Jul 2021

At the start of the week we gave a brief overview of three of the more unusual sports premiering at this year’s Olympic Games. Skateboarding, Sport Climbing and Surfing.

It’s fair to say these sports will be like nothing the Olympics has ever seen before, but it’s also true to say this modern twist will give Tokyo 2020 a highly anticipated injection of thrills and spills.

BMX freestyling

One of the few cycling events which gives riders scores, BMX freestyling is unlike any other cycling event. More similar in terms of scoring to surfing and skateboarding, BMX freestyling is both a visually spectacular and eye watering event, which will have you gasping and wincing in equal measures. Not known to many, but BMX stands for Bicycle moto cross

Each of the nine male and nine female riders are given two runs of 60 seconds to perform as many tricks as possible. The more complex the move the more points it scores, but more time it takes and increased likelihood of failure, so will see a trade-off of time vrs complexity.

Britain’s BMX team has three men and three women, including: Declan Brooks, Kyle Evans, Liam Phillips, Shanaze Reade, Beth Shriever and Charlotte Worthington.

CSSC excitement rating = 9/10
3x3 Basketball

Much like it sounds, 3x3 basketball is essentially the same as regular Basketball, but with a few differences. Namely only three players on court with just one substitute. It’s played on a half-court size with both teams shooting into the same hoop. Scoring is lower, awarding just 2 points from distance and 1 point from close up.

Such is the popularity of this incredibly fast-paced version, 3x3 Basketball has seen a rapid rise from the streets to the Youth Olympic Games to the official Olympics in just seven years.

Unfortunately, our men’s and women’s teams narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Olympics. So, unless your allegiances lay elsewhere, the team to watch is, of course, the USA. Or perhaps Mongolia if you prefer to champion the underdog.

CSSC excitement rating = 7/10

Again, making its first appearance in an Olympic games, Karate is incredibly popular in Asia with men and women, both young and old. It takes a tremendous amount of discipline, often requiring a lifetime to master.

Both males and females will be competing in two forms, ‘Kata’ and ‘Kumite’. Kata is where competitors pose defensive positions against an imaginary opponent and are scored for aesthetic form. In Kumite, two athletes compete against each other, much like Taekwondo or Judo.

The British Karate team just missed out on qualifying for the Olympics, but don’t let that put you off. Karate is a visually spectacular and technically challenging event and unlike Judo is free flowing and fast paced.

CSSC excitement rating = 8/10  
CSSC sport

There can be no doubt that the Olympic Games is the quintessential sporting event, and it was sorely missed last year. While we are of course incredibly biased and wish all of Team GB the very best of luck, we are also looking forward to an exciting tournament, filled with spectacular action, tremendous accomplishments and hard-fought competitive games.

If you’ve been inspired to take up these unique sports or any of the other 40+ sports on display over the coming weeks, why not make your first stop our sports pages to see if we can help?

Not only can we save you money on equipment and training, but with our growing communities we might be able to put you in touch with like-minded colleagues, who share your ambitions. We also offer funding for those wishing to represent their nation, to help fund training, travel or equipment costs. 

Have a wonderful Olympic Games and feel inspired.

For a full list of Team GB competitors, you can visit

And for more insight into all the upcoming events, visit the Olympic Games official website.

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