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No Time to Die

13th Sep 2021

Whether you’re a Bond fan or not, you can’t have escaped the news over the last two years of the delayed release of one of the most famous franchises in cinema history. 

Even if you haven’t been to the pictures in years, you’ve probably seen at least one of the 27 James Bond films from the last 60 years. And if not, you’ll definitely be familiar with the huge impact on modern life that 007 has had. From the quotes, quips and one liners, to the famous drinks, clothing, cars, gadgets and locations.  

For many who love and use the cinema as their stress release, their date night, their escape, their comforter or their second home, its continual postponement marked an agonising reminder that the global pandemic was still around and impacting our lives.   

Expect the unexpected 

So, what can we expect from the most iconic film franchise’s latest outing of the world’s greatest super spy? 

If you’ve seen any of the trailers over the last two years, it very much looks like Daniel Craig will be sharing his last Martini (probably) with some colleagues. It’s no secret that the films producers have been looking for Craig’s replacement for some time, with speculation the lead role may go to a woman, much to the astonishment of many. 

And yet, despite fan’s initial hesitancy with Daniel Craig, he has made the role his own and will be a difficult pair of ‘blade hiding shoes’ to fill. So, any fears that fans have of the ruination of the Bond legacy with a new lead, should be calmed by the safe hands of its long-time producer Barbara Broccoli.  

That’s not to say every choice made in the past has been gold. For every Sean Connery there’s a George Lazenby, for every Odd Job there’s an Irma Bunt. So, what can our cssc super spys deduce from the trailers we’ve seen? 

Honestly, not much. The main villain is a brilliant actor, Rami Malek, who caught the world’s eye with his brilliant portrayal of Freddie Mercury in Bohemian Rhapsody. And it seems Bond may need to partner with his old adversary Ernst Stavro Blofeld. Other than that, it looks like we’ll be treated to the usual gorgeous locations, car chases, slightly believable gadgets and femme fatales. However the plot unfolds we’re really looking forward to the long-awaited cinema extravaganza.  

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The world’s worst superspy

Honestly, Bond would make a terrible spy. Everyone knows his name, his incredible looks make him stand out in a crowd and he’s not exactly subtle. But that doesn’t stop us suspending disbelief for over 60 years.  

Buckle up for some interesting Bond related facts to shake your Martini up. 

  • We all know if was based on Ian Fleming’s series of novels, but did you know Ian was a journalist working for Naval intelligence during WWII?
  • James Bond’s birthday is 13 April 1968 and he became a OO agent at 38.
  • James bond has been shot at over 4,000 times.
  • Gold is often very important to Bond’s nemeses, which may be because Ian Fleming wrote his Bond novels on a gold-plated typewriter.
  • Roald Dahl wrote the script for ‘You Only Live Twice’ after Ian Fleming died.
  • Bond’s boss is famously called ‘M’ after the surname ‘Messervy’. The director of the then real Secret Service Bureau, Sir Mansfield Smith-Cunning, signed letters with a ‘C’.
  • Roger Moore never ran as bond. Using a body double, he claimed he looked awkward, when running.
  • Ian Fleming made a rare cameo in ‘From Russia With Love’.
  • Goldeneye was the name of Ian Fleming’s house in Jamaica, which he later sold to Bob Marley.
  • 007 was Ian Fleming’s bus route between London and Canterbury.

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