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World Mental Health Day

On October 10th we celebrate world mental health day.

On 10 October we celebrate world mental health day, which this year’s theme is: ‘Mental Health in an unequal world’.

About the day

Led by the World Health Organisation (WHO) this annual observance of World Mental Health Day, is an opportunity to raise awareness of the great strides the medical profession is making in recognising, diagnosing, treating and improving mental health issues.

With such a broad range of conditions, mental health represents a unique challenge for the world’s medical fields, both with diagnosis and treatment. Recently, thanks to greater transparency and less stigma around poor mental health, there are many positive signs that more is known about conditions and better treatments are becoming available.

Good mental health

In the past, many health conditions have been treated largely with medicines and pharmaceuticals. But now, this is often seen as merely a sticking plaster over much larger and more complex issues. Often exacerbating conditions rather than curing them.  

Only very recently have studies suggested alternative means may be preferable remedies. Doctors are now increasingly prescribing alternative cures like ‘fresh air’ ‘Pilates’ ‘Colouring books’ and ‘Going for a walk’ to help stave off some mental health conditions.

It is clear from studies, that spending time doing things you like, with people you love can positively impact not just your mental health, but your physical health too. Simple things like listening to your favourite music or podcast, walking for 20 minutes with no technological distractions, knitting, or taking a class can have profound effects on your wellbeing. Lowering your blood pressure, improving movement in joints, increasing cognitive reasoning and stimulating the limbic system of the brain, which deals with behaviours and emotions.

CSSC's Wellbeing Benefits

CSSC has been looking after our members’ health and wellbeing for 100 years. And since the pandemic we’ve grown our range of offers for the mind, body and soul.

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Thrive Guides

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Green Therapy includes articles, tools and practical tips from our partners using outside spaces and maximising our most precious resource, the environment, in fostering good health.

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Our health and wellbeing platform is home to loads of really useful tips, tools and content to help improve your happiness. From nutrition and fitness to meditation and podcasts.

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Packed full of helpful videos and useful content from Mental Health Awareness week, including: The Well Gardened mind, by Sue Stuart Smith and ‘Rediscovering Walmer’s Lost Pleasure’ grounds by English Heritage.

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