CSSC's Centenary 1921 - 2021

CSSC's Centenary 1921 - 2021

2021 may seem some time away but we are already beginning to plan for CSSC’s Centenary and would welcome your assistance. Please take a moment to read the message below. I look forward to hearing from you.

When the Great War ended in 1919 there was a strong feeling expressed in many staff journals for Government support for Civil Service sport.

In 1921 a meeting was held in the Central Hall, Westminster to consider the proposition for the formation of a Civil Service Sports Council. Over fifty clubs and associations including the CS Athletics Association and the Civil Service Football Club attended. If there had ever been any doubt whether this idea would be  welcomed this was immediately dispelled as the proposition was enthusiastically approved and in early 1922 received the blessing of the Head of the Services and  in 1923 His Majesty, King George V , graciously consented to be its first patron.

2021 may seem some time away but we are already beginning to plan for CSSC’s Centenary and would welcome your assistance. We wish to compile a history of CSSC providing a unique insight into the development of CSSC and to some of the real characters off and on the sports field without whose input, management and selfless devotion to CSSC and its aims CSSC would not be where it is today. Only last year we discovered a trophy donated by Lloyd George and we were presented with the records of the Civil Service Cycling Club dating back to 1877.

Whilst centrally we hold a bank of records dating back to 1921 we are very aware there will be records, photographs, milestones, prestigious competitions, representative sport highlights, stories and memories across the many associations, clubs and regions, which would help with bringing to life CSSC’s 100 year history. Each and every affiliated association and club will have a story to tell. My role is to bring to life those stories and I would like your support and participation in drawing out the history from across CSSC’s wide and varied collection of clubs and associations. 

Can I ask you to consult your colleagues, let your imaginations soar and find those memories which will resonate with your members and help bring CSSC’s 100 year story to life in 2021. I would hope that most associations and clubs will be able to offer a memory. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hedley Featherstone
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