CSSC Awards – past and present

CSSC Awards – past and present

If only to remind ourselves of our inheritance and CSSC’s continuing responsibilities as custodians let us recall a little history around CSSC main trophies and awards.   

The first meeting of the CSSC was held on 4 November 1921 at Central Hall, Westminster at which a letter of support from the Duke of York was read out. From 1924 the Duke of York Trophy was introduced for the department with the best record in sport in a specific year. Ninety-three years later it remains a most coveted honour.    

In 1924 Sir Warren Fisher, Permanent Secretary to the Treasury presented to CSSC a trophy to be awarded annually for the best individual performance in any sport. This trophy continued to be presented up until 2015.

In 1962 the Centels Sports Club presented a silver salver for annual award for the best individual record in women’s sport. The Centels was a club based on the Central Telegraph Office and the perpetuation of its name in this award was much valued during the Salver’s use. As with the Warren Fisher Trophy the Salver was discontinued in 2015 and replaced with the Sportsperson Award which is for a member, male or female, who has made a significant impact on CSSC's activities and sports, either in one particular year or over a number of years. 

In the late 1970s CSSC was concerned to see that voluntary service of an outstanding nature was recognised and to this end the 1978 Annual Conference enthusiastically endorsed the introduction of a special honour to be known as the Merit Award. The award takes the form of a silver badge in brooch form inscribed with the name of the recipient and the year of the award. Up to and including 2017 a total of 233 Merit Awards have been granted.

In 2006 CSSC introduced a Certificate of Recognition to be awarded to any member who has made a recognisable and significant voluntary contribution to their local membership.

At their meeting on 8 March 2007 the CSSC Board recommended a Volunteer of the Year Award be introduced and presented for the first time at CSSC Conference 2008. Lord Turnbull, former CSSC Chairman kindly donated a trophy t be known as The Turnbull Award.

There is one other personal recognition and a much prized one it is that of The John Whittaker Fellowship Award. Introduced in 2015 this is conferred on one member per year who has given outstanding service to CSSC. It is already a much-treasured honour.

We have come a long way since Sir Warren Fisher donated his trophy which inspired countless civil service sportsmen for many years. Each year we seek to recognise members and associations across various categories from all parts of CSSC – including volunteering, sporting excellence and innovation. Please take the time to acquaint yourself with CSSC’s major awards and help us to make sure those who deserve recognition are honoured. The nomination process for each award is not difficult. Advice and support is available from the Volunteer Support Team.

If you have any questions or would like assistance with making a nomination, please contact Hedley Featherstone – hedley.featherstone@cssc.co.uk or 07802 482 330.

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