Volunteer Branded Merchandise 2018

Please note:  Orders placed up to 7th August will be available for collection at your Regional Conference.  Orders received after this date will be processed and delivered later in the year.


CSSC values the work and contribution of its dedicated volunteers and recognises the need for better recognition of the CSSC volunteer brand, both within and outside CSSC. Volunteers should feel valued, appreciated and part of a collective CSSC volunteer team. CSSC is clear on its need to provide its volunteers with a sense of identity and volunteer branded clothing goes a long way to achieving this stated aim.

CSSC wishes to give every volunteer one (out of a selection of 6 alternatives) item of volunteer branded clothing, which would also double up as equipment for outdoor pursuits.

The 6 items are as follows:

From left to right.

Zipped Hooded Sweatshirt
Non Zipped Hooded Sweatshirt
Polo shirt (Ladies)
Polo shirt (Mens)

Lightweight Cotton/Acrylic V Neck Sweater (Mens)
Lightweight Cotton/Acrylic V Neck Sweater (Ladies)

Below is a link to the order form which includes the six items for you to choose from, together with the details of available sizes. Please also view the size chart for sizing details.


We will process orders as soon as we can but will be processing them in batches to maintain the pricing of the items, so please do not worry if there is some delay between your order and delivery.

Further information will be posted when available.

If you have any questions about these items or the process for ordering them, please contact your Volunteer Support Advisor at volunteer@cssc.co.uk or Sharon Carr at sharon.carr@cssc.co.uk