Resolving Issues

CSSC recognises that volunteers are a valuable asset to the organisation and is grateful for their time and involvement. CSSC is a members’ organisation and we aim to provide an excellent and consistent service to all our members and our volunteers. However, there will be occasions when things don’t go so well and a volunteer may need support to resolve an issue or deal with a problem. In such case, we would encourage all volunteers to immediately talk to their main volunteer or their area or regional chair with a view to find a resolution to the problem. If this is not appropriate or does not result in a resolution, the volunteer should consult their Volunteer Support Advisor with a view to resolving the issue. In the majority of cases, these approaches will be the most appropriate way to proceed and the issue will be resolved quickly and to the satisfaction of all those involved with no further action required.

However, where this is not possible or the matter is of a significantly serious nature, the individual may wish to raise the issue more formally or make a complaint.

It is CSSC policy and practice to deal with all problems and any complaints raised, in a confidential manner and as fairly, quickly and sensitively as possible.

  • To protect volunteers
  • Maintain good relationships with its volunteers
  • Minimise any disruption to staff, members and other volunteers
  • Demonstrate that the organisation respects its volunteers and
  • Protect the reputation of the organisation

Should an individual wish to raise an issue or make a complaint to CSSC, they can do so by one of the following:

A. Completing the complaints form

B. Directly contacting

  • Your Region/Association
  • Volunteer Support
  • Your Volunteer Support Advisor
  • The Volunteer Support Manager
  • CSSC Customer Support Team 

Details of all of the above may be found by contacting the Volunteer Support team or for CSSC head office teams please click here


C. Writing to Customer Support on: 20-24 Compton Court, Temple End, High Wycombe, Bucks HP13 5DR.

In all cases the Volunteer Support Advisor should be informed of the issue or problem and offer support to resolve it by an initial informal discussion between the parties involved. Where an immediate resolution is not possible, the matter will be further investigated and the appropriate person at CSSC be involved to deal with it. Where necessary a complaint may be escalated to the relevant Manager, Team Leader, CSSC Volunteer Support Manager, the Director of Volunteering and Business Delivery or Disciplinary & Complaints Committee, in accordance with CSSC policy.

For any more advice or support in relation to raising an issue you aren’t happy about or making a complaint or if a complaint is made about you, please contact your Volunteer Support Advisor or Volunteer Support at

Please also ask your Volunteer Support Advisor where you need advice on supporting volunteers in their roles or dealing with more challenging volunteers.