Quality Street

Quality Street
What is Quality Street?
  • It is a concept, a vision of where we aspire to be
  • It is a planned journey
  • It is designed to identify where we are now and where we aspire to be
  • It focuses on what we do and how well we do it
  • It is a self assessment tool to be completed by all CSSC Affiliates with support from the Volunteer Support Team
  • It focuses on the six main business areas – Managing the Organisation, Volunteers, Member Benefits, Recruitment and Retention of Members, Partnerships, and Communications
Why has CSSC developed this concept?
  • It encourages continuous improvement
  • It identifies good practice and areas where improvements could be made
  • It identifies and encourages collaboration – Regions & AAs working together to develop a portfolio of benefits and services that members want and within the limit of available resources
  • It promotes access and delivery of benefits and services to all members equally and fairly
  • Because quality endures!
  • It enabled us to see that what we offer is actually pretty impressive and goes beyond football.
  • I found the QS initiative a useful framework to help with self assessment.
  • It allowed us to consider what we do in a structured way, identifying our strengths and weaknesses.
  • It allowed us to develop a plan to improve our weaknesses and use our strengths as an advert to our current and potential members.

National picture

  • 92% affiliates completed
  • Highest scoring business area – Members benefits and Managing the organisation
  • Lowest scoring business area – Recruitment and retention
  • No geographic or regional bias
  • Scores on 2nd year assessments so far have increased


  • Well received by vast majority of affiliates
  • Enabled data collection centrally
  • More open, honest and transparent
  • Exposed volunteers to concept of ‘change’
  • Highlighted key areas to focus greater effort and support
  • 1st year assessment completed