Major Trophies and Awards

CSSC has a number of trophies and awards which are awarded annually across CSSC to individuals, Area Associations, Sport and Recreation Bodies and Departmental Associations with the best record of achievement in a specified category.

These trophies and awards are an opportunity for CSSC to give recognition to individuals and organisations for any particularly significant contribution or difference made by them, effecting the business and spirit of CSSC, during the course of the year.

If you would like to know more about any of the awards please contact Hedley Featherstone on or 07802 482330.

Click on the links below to view all the previous winners and click here to find out how to nominate someone for one of these prestigious awards.

The Innovation Award

Is for the affiliated association, club, Regional Council, National Sports Organiser or regional organiser that have been innovative in introducing a project or something similar that has had a major and positive impact on CSSC.

Congratulations to 2018's Innovation Award recipient CSSC Wales!

Innovation Award Previous Winners

The Sportsperson Award

Is for the member who has made a significant impact on a CSSC activity and sport either in one particular year or over a number of years. This is an amalgamation of the Warren Fisher Trophy (Sportsman of the year) and Centels Salver (Sportswoman of the year) from 2015.

Congratulations to this years Sportsperson Award recipient Amanda George - Para Archery

Sportsperson Award Previous Winners

Warren Fisher Trophy previous winners

Centels Salver previous winners

The Hayward Trophy - Sports and Recreational Body Award

Is presented to the Sport and Recreation Body (SRB) that has achieved the most for its activity and membership in that year.

Congratulations to the CS Riding Club for being the recipient of 2018's Hayward Trophy.

Previous Winners

The Russell Scott Trophy - Area Association Award 

Is given to the Area association (AA) with the best all round record in that year. 

Congratulations to the Plymouth Area Association for recieving 2018's Russell Scott Trophy.

Previous Winners

The Turnbull Award - Volunteer of the Year Award

Recognises a CSSC volunteer who has made an outstanding contribution in a particular year.

Previous Winners

The Duke of York - Departmental Association Award

Awarded annually to the Departmental Association (DA) with the best record in that year. All nominations are open from the end of June to the end of February of the following year.

Congratulations to HASSRA for having the best record and recieving The Duke of York Award

Previous Winners

The John Whittaker Fellowship Award

This award honours a member each year who has made a major impact on CSSC during their membership through sustained highly meritorious volunteering.

This years winner of the John Whittaker Fellowship Award is Ian Allen, Chairman of our Eastern region, congratulations!

Previous Winner

Volunteer of the Year Award

This award honours and recognises volunteer who has made a major contribution and impact on CSSC through their continued efforts and hard work.

Our Volunteer of the Year Award goes to Jackie Ilderton from our North East region and Tyne and Wear and Northumberland Area Association. Congratulations!

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