Expectations of Head Office 

  • Provide induction for all key volunteers and support the affiliate with induction of all volunteers.
  • Provide training in key areas for volunteers at a regional level and local level where possible.
  • Provide practical support in recruiting volunteers.
  • Provide support and guidance for recognition of volunteers both nationally and locally.

Specific Actions

  1. Deliver a new welcome pack to every new volunteer within a month of them taking up volunteering with CSSC.
  2. Provide and deliver an induction process for a new volunteer recruited to any of the officer roles within 2 months of the new volunteer taking up their role.
  3. Ensure every volunteer has an appropriate role description.
  4. Show new volunteers the Regional Chart for the affiliate and liaise with the affiliate to keep it current.
  5. Signpost all volunteer officers to the web document library.
  6. Offer every volunteer at least one item of volunteer branded clothing and a selection of branded products to use/wear when volunteering.
  7. Support the affiliate to set up a local induction process for volunteers and provide support to the affiliate with any induction.
  8. Offer a series of workshops to the affiliate throughout the year either in person or by Skype, on topical and relevant subjects’ e.g.-data management; health and safety; arranging trips; members’ benefits.
  9. Deliver a number of training sessions, where relevant and appropriate either from Head Office or a regional location, accessible either by person or by Skype e.g. treasurer training; communications training; sales training.
  10. Advertise any volunteer vacancy on the CSSC website within 2 weeks of being notified by the affiliate of the vacancy.
  11. Provide an application process for new volunteers wishing to volunteer with CSSC and notify an affiliate within 10 days of being contacted for any prospective volunteer role with their affiliate.
  12. Arrange for a Head Office member of staff to present any national awards and Certificates of Recognition to volunteers at the place of the volunteer choosing and where possible affiliate and regional local awards, as requested by the affiliate.
  13. Provide affiliates with specific guidance and support with local award schemes and advise what may be acceptable ways to thank their volunteers.
  14. Support individuals upon request with the nomination of any volunteer for a national or regional award.

Expectations of the Affiliate

  • Support and encourage all volunteers and ensure they have a clear understanding of their role.
  • Use CSSC’s recognition and national award schemes and consider local initiatives to value volunteers.
  • Encourage volunteers to access and attend training and inductions.


Specific Actions

  1. Provide every known volunteer with an identified point of contact on the committee (or from the relevant section of the affiliate) when they join.
  2. Provide details to Head Office of any new volunteer recruited within 10 days of them taking up the role and where possible introduce them to their VSA in person or by Skype.
  3. Show new volunteers the Regional Chart for the affiliate and notify Head Office of changes to it.
  4. Encourage every volunteer to use CSSC branded products and wear CSSC clothing when volunteering for CSSC.
  5. Aim to include the subject of nominations for any of the CSSC national awards at committee meetings throughout the year, including Certificates of Recognition.
  6. Consider what thanks could be given to individual volunteers for their contribution to CSSC, at least once a year- in accordance with the CSSC Volunteer Reward Policy and Guidance.
  7. Encourage and support any volunteer to attend available training and/or workshop sessions provided by CSSC, either in person or by Skype.