Expectations of Head Office

  • Enabler for linking key partners and developing good relationships by the sharing of information and contact details across other organisations and potential partners.
  • Play an active role in regional and national networks.
  • Supported attendance at key events and provision of relevant feedback.


Specific Actions

  1. Facilitate joint working between affiliates, in particular sharing good practice examples between neighbouring affiliates.
  2. Circulate details of the Regional Committee to all affiliates in the region and notify them of any subsequent changes.
  3. Circulate details of the affiliate committee to the Regional Committee and advise them of any subsequent changes.
  4. Provide structural charts of the regions showing the different bodies within each region.
  5. Encourage greater awareness and communication between affiliates and Regional Organisers.
  6. Offer the affiliate an opportunity for a representative to visit Head Office at least once a year.
  7. Provide details of Head Office staff and their areas of responsibilities.
  8. Provide a National Conference regularly for representatives of the affiliate to attend.
  9. Ensure details about the National Conference are circulated to all their volunteers within 6 weeks after the Conference.
  10. Support the planning of and attend the Regional Conferences where required.
  11. Attend at least one affiliate event arranged for members in each region, every year and provide feedback to the affiliate.


Expectations of the Affiliate

  • Establish good relationships with all key partners e.g. Region and Head Office and other relevant organisations.
  • Play an active role in regional and national networks and ensure you are represented at all key stakeholder meetings e.g. conferences.
  • Encourage mutuality of working with other CSSC affiliates and volunteers across the organisation.

Specific Actions

  1. Have regular contact with the VSA (at least quarterly, preferably monthly) by way of one of the following-phone, Skype, face to face individual or committee meeting.
  2. Invite the VSA to an event arranged by the affiliate for its members at least once a year.
  3. Consider as an agenda item once a year contacting at least one local organisation to explore the possibility of a new local offer, eg cinema, bar, swimming pool.
  4. Communicate details about National Conference to all the volunteers on their committee. Consider those who may be interested in attending on the affiliate’s behalf.
  5. Include feedback about the National Conference as an agenda item on the first committee meeting after the event.
  6. Send at least one representative to the Regional Conference.
  7. Where appropriate and cost effective, consider making any offer, event or activity available to other nearby affiliates.