Member Benefits

Expectations of Head Office

  • Offer advice, guidance and support to help provide a diverse range of member benefits and effective event management.
  • Provide support and appropriate tools to survey members locally and supply relevant national data.
  • Provide information and guidance about the variety and availability of national member benefits.


Specific Actions

  1. Review the offering available annually from the affiliate with the committee/body at least once a year and support the committee/body to produce a calendar of events for the year.
  2. Share good practice about different benefits offered by at least one other affiliate every year and support any new initiative from an affiliate for a new appropriate type of offer.
  3. Assist the affiliate upon request with arranging a local taster day - with planning, marketing and advertising and in the execution of it.
  4. Provide support to the affiliate to arrange a new event/activity in the affiliate area, including advice and support from the Physical Activity Development Executive where required and possible.
  5. Provide relevant and appropriate data upon request about members (in accordance with data protection laws) to support affiliates to make an appropriate range of offers to their members.
  6. Offer electronic surveys for affiliates and advice for those doing it themselves, including-setting up the survey and considering questions (providing templates for evaluation or other purposes where necessary).
  7. Provide a range of national members’ benefits (including taster days) with good accessibility to members in the affiliate area.
  8. Provide information about the national members’ benefits directly to the affiliate - in person, by Skype or by video.
  9. Provide a range of literature, videos, and marketing material on members’ benefits.
  10. Once a year (January), provide an Area Information Report containing a variety of information relevant to the activities of members in the affiliate area.

Expectations of the Affiliate

  • Provide an attractive and varied portfolio of sport and leisure activities, offers and discounts, encouraging maximum participation and catering for the diversity of CSSC membership.
  • Seek members’ feedback and evaluate activities to assure quality and appeal.
  • Ensure activity funding is fair, proportionate, consistent, and not unduly biased.

Specific Actions

  1. At least once a year, review the whole range of your members’ benefits local offering and consider producing a calendar of events.
  2. Aim to offer at least one new event or activity for the area annually - liaising with their VSA, Physical activity Development Executive, or Events Team for ideas and support.
  3. Liaise with the Physical Activity Development Executive once a year to review where My Active could be incorporated into local events.
  4. Review, once a year, the whole CSSC offering national, regional and local, inviting Head Office representatives to provide information/detail on any aspect of the offering, where required.
  5. Actively promote any national members’ benefits in the affiliate area to members where appropriate.
  6. Consider sending out a request to members once a year (via Head Office) for ideas on events/offers they would like to see.
  7. Seek members’ feedback and evaluate activities to ensure quality and appeal.
  8. Adhere to CSSC guidance when considering the pricing of any event or activity to members and non-members.