Managing the Organisation

Expectations of Head Office

  • Issue clear guidance and documentation in relation to affiliate constitutions and CSSC policies and procedures.
  • Provide support, advice and guidance on developing and maintaining sound governance.
  • Share best practice to enable affiliates to improve their service to members.
  • Establish clear and efficient systems for the management and payment of grants and expenses.


Specific Actions

  1. Roll out Head Office policies and procedures and provide support in the practical implementation of them.
  2. Meet with the affiliate regularly (at least quarterly, by person, by Skype or telephone) to support the activities and governance of the affiliate.
  3. Support the affiliate with the arrangement of their AGM, as appropriate providing templates and attend in person at least every other year.
  4. Publicise the details for the AGM on the CSSC website within 3 working days of being given the details.
  5. Provide standard constitution template.
  6. Advise affiliates about data protection laws.
  7. Provide clear committee roles and responsibilities in written form.
  8. Provide specific CSSC email addresses for the affiliate to use for CSSC related business.
  9. Meet with the affiliate annually to support the Quality Street assessment and regularly support them carrying out their action points.
  10. Support affiliates with issues and complaints raised by members or volunteers in their area.
  11. Provide public liability insurance in respect of all known and declared CSSC activities with effect from May of each year.
  12. Process for payment valid expense claims received from volunteers within 5 working days of receipt.
  13. Provide support with the setting up of online banking arrangements.
  14. Process the payment of grant money in two stages –
    1. the first half of the grant within 5 working days of receipt of the cash balance statement  for the affiliate, provided there are no queries; and
    2. the second half of the grant, on or before 1 July, provided CSSC has received signed audited accounts approved at the affiliate AGM prior to that date, failing which within 10 working days of receipt of such accounts.
  15. Approve or respond to queries in respect of signed audited accounts within 5 working days of receipt.
  16. Provide support and templates for the completion of accounts and ancillary documents for related financial matters.
  17. Provide guidance relating to safeguarding of vulnerable adults and young people.
  18. Provide a policy and guidance on volunteer rewards.

Volunteer Support Teams

Expectations of the Affiliate 

  • Adhere to the constitution and CSSC policies and procedures at all times.
  • Maintain effective committee structure, documentation and meetings.
  • Use resources responsibly, transparently and adhere to agreed budget process within set timescales.



Specific Actions

  1. Submit audited and accurate accounts to Head Office by 30 June each year in accordance with the Affiliate Bodies Financial Policy Document.
  2. Adhere to the practice and guidelines in CSSC’s finance policies and procedures.
  3. Review and complete the Insurance Information spreadsheet relating to the affiliate’s events and activities over the year and return it to Head Office within the prescribed time.
  4. Adhere to the constitution.
  5. Keep as limited amount of CSSC related data as necessary and only as much as is in keeping with data protection legislation.
  6. Hold regular committee meetings in person or by Skype (at least quarterly).
  7. Hold an AGM annually and send the details of the location, time and date for the AGM to Head Office for them to send to members at least 6 weeks before the date of the meeting.
  8. Use the designated CSSC email addresses (and check the account regularly for correspondence at least once a week). 
  9. Conduct the Quality Street assessment once a year and include the action points on committee meeting agenda regularly throughout the year.
  10. Complete and submit a cash balance statement to Head Office within 10 working days of the beginning of the year.
  11. Regularly include the subject of the affiliate’s finances as an agenda item for committee meetings.
  12. Consider setting up and using an online banking account as an agenda item, if not doing so already.
  13. Adhere to CSSC guidance relating to safeguarding of vulnerable adults and young people.
  14. Adhere to the CSSC Policy and Guidance on local volunteer rewards.