Partnership Framework - Delivering Quality Together


The Partnership Framework (PF) comprises a set of expectations underpinned by a collation of practices, documents, tools and resources for CSSC staff and volunteers to follow and use together. The expectations are taken from the six key business areas within Quality Street and clarify what can be expected in terms of specific actions, from and by Head Office and volunteers working with them. The PF is about working together to provide consistency in our service to ensure all our members have a similar positive experience. Our volunteers will be helped to develop into their roles and supported throughout to better understand the expectations that they bring.

Please see the sections below to get an overview of the different elements making up the Partnership Framework and for details, as to who to contact if you have any queries.

The diagram opposite shows all the different elements of the Partnership Framework and how they fit together. 
1. Support from Head Office
2. Evaluation through Quality Street
3. Expectations of both Head Office and Area Associations