Learning Pathway

Training is an essential part of CSSC's commitment to supporting its UK wide volunteer workforce. The Learning Pathway is created to give volunteers the freedom and flexibility to learn when and where they want and at their own pace

Module 1: A Big Welcome To CSSC


This module will give you an idea of what being a volunteer for CSSC involves and how to get started.


  • To welcome you to CSSC.
  • To share our mission vision, values around volunteering.
  • To explore the benefits of volunteering with us.


  1. CSSC Vision and Values.
  2. What can we offer our volunteers?
  3. Choosing CSSC for your Volunteering Experience.

Time Requirement

20 minutes including additional reading and activities.

Suitable for:

All CSSC Volunteers and for those considering a volunteering role.



CSSC Magazine







The latest edition of Leisure Scene is now available for you to view online, it's packed full of exciting things going on at CSSC.

You can also view the previous edition(s) here.