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Volunteer Week 2021

The Benefits of Volunteering

Have you ever wondered why nearly a quarter of the UK population, and over 1000 CSSC members volunteer their time to benefit others?

Here at CSSC, our volunteers are members with a huge range of skills and enthusiasm, and a willingness to share with others. We try to have a really varied choice of roles for our members to get involved in, from area or regional committee roles, board members, events or sports organisers, social media, finance, administration, anything which supports our members to get a great offer in their local area.  

In return, our volunteers get to share their enthusiasm for their chosen subject, take part in fun and interesting events, socialise and meet new people- and best of all, be part of a great, active community.

Getting involved as a volunteer is really easy- you don’t need particular skills, qualifications or experience (although you may find that you gain all of these along the way!).

Why should you volunteer and how can you get involved?

Volunteering with CSSC, or any organisation which you have an interest in, is really easy. Just get in touch and express your interest. If you’re a CSSC member, you can find out what roles are available to you, and more information here. 

And why should you get involved? Well- there are so many reasons, but here are a few which may encourage you to start tapping that keyboard or pick up the phone!

Giving your time and energy to others for free is recognised as one of the NHS “Five Steps to Wellbeing”. And you can ask any volunteer, they will tell you that the warm, fuzzy, happy feeling you get by giving your time to others will last you a lifetime and could very well grow.

As well as learning new skills, gaining experience and meeting new people, volunteering is a great way to build your confidence and try new things. If you’re looking to change careers, to build your CV, utilise skills you're not currently using or just have a change, volunteering could be for you. 

Volunteering is a great opportunity to meet new people and avoid feeling isolated. You can get to know your local community, support others and have a lot of fun. The feelgood factor associated with giving your time for free cannot be underestimated.

Most volunteering opportunities provide some form of training where you’ll be fully supported and encouraged- but lots of organisations offer much more than a simple induction- you might even be able to gain an accreditation or qualification.

You don’t have to give much time or energy at all to make a huge difference to your own self-esteem and wellbeing or to those who you're supporting. With just an hour or two of your time and effort, you could make someone’s life infinitely better forever.

Find out more about volunteering with CSSC here. Find other opportunities in your area with do-it. Or get in touch below.


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