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Vanessa's Story

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I am a positive person, seeing a silver lining in every cloud. However, only recently learned in a Dr Andy Cope’s session “The Art of Being Brilliant” that being positive is a choice that we all make, not a natural ability.

I have spent years encouraging and enabling my children to reach and exceed their goals but during this time (I am probably not alone in this) I had neglected myself. I made a choice that 2020 was to be my year for change.

I knew that I needed support, so I made an appointment with my Doctor. I explained that I had struggled to lose weight and desperately needed to do this. I went through my usual excuses: busy life, working full time, too tired to exercise and so on. He sat and listened, but it was his response that really hit home “there will always be an excuse and a reason why you can’t. You need to find the reason why you can”. I agreed, I was the only person that can make this happen and it will take consistent determination to commit.

The doctor suggested I join Slimming World as he had referred other patients who had seen some promising results, I was nervous but joined just after Christmas. When I stood on the scales at my first weigh in I felt like I had an enormous mountain to climb to get to where I needed to be. However, I was not going to let the numbers on the scale put me off. I decided at that point that I would take one day at a time, focus on what I can achieve weekly and the tools that I needed to put in place to do this.

Well it’s now a year on and I have managed to lose just under 8 stone. I received my club’s “Slimming World’s Woman of the Year” for inspiring others.

I know 2020 was such a difficult year for so many people. With so many upsetting stories, we have had to adapt and cope, but we have got to this point and definitely a New Year and New Hope is now on the horizon.

I am so grateful to my Land Registry family from board members down, to LR Leisure (our Sports and Social) for providing the challenges to keep me motivated. Thank you for your consistency and support this year, giving me the tools to continue to do my job during this difficult period. I have participated in some great remote sessions that have inspired and motivated me to be the best version of me!

I am so excited to see what 2021 will bring. There is so much more I can achieve this year in my home life and work life.

It has not been the start to 2021 that we had so been looking forward to. However, I hope that everyone continues to stay safe and keep well, the tide slowly appears to be turning in our favour.

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