Southern Sailing Taster Day

Southern Sailing Taster Day

Offshore sailing is a great sport. It's fun and offers mental and physical challenges as well as the occasional adrenalin rush. There's something freeing about being at sea, working with the elements and being close to nature. It's certainly exhilarating to move through the water driven by the wind, and there's a social side too.

That's why CSSC promotes offshore sailing through taster days in conjunction with Channel Sailing Division (CSD) based at Mercury Yacht Harbour on the Hamble. No experience is needed to enjoy a fun day out on the Solent and to get a feel for sailing on a big boat.

Sailing 2Some day-sailors will get the bug and want to progress. As with all sports there are costs in terms of personal kit and training. But the biggest costs are the boat, berthing and maintenance meaning only those with the deepest pockets can go it alone. However, here's the good news, with support from CSSC, a brand new Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 409 was delivered earlier this year to CSD. Put simply 'Sea Essay of Hamble' is a 40ft sailing cruiser with berths for up to eight people.

CSD is one of the three Offshore Divisions of the Civil Service Sailing Association (CSSA), which all CSSC members are eligible to join at no additional cost. 

CSD offers big boat sailing at affordable prices to a wide range of members of all abilities. Members may charter 'Sea Essay' for days, weeks and weekends. Charters are also available during the annual summer cruise. This year 'Sea Essay' cruised for fourteen weeks from the Hamble to La Rochelle with legs along the Brittany Coast and a final leg from Plymouth back to the Hamble.

For sea time, CSD provides an experienced skipper for a weekend and longer periods of sailing. Sea time is ideal for those who want to progress from the taster day sail to spending days on the boat, sleeping and living on board. To complete the picture CSD offers a range of Sailing 4practical courses for students of all abilities. 'Sea Essay' is equipped to accommodate training and the additional wear and tear that goes with it. As a not-for-profit club run by volunteers, CSD has very competitive training rates. Under the watchful eye of experienced instructors, students have a safe learning environment in which to face-up to their sailing demons.

You can find the sailing programme, fee rates and other information on the CSD website, Channel Sailing. Go to the CSSA website if you' like to know more about the other divisions and other forms of sailing.

If its affordable big boat sailing you want, CSD can put you on the helm.

To book on to a CSSC Day sail or Sea time please contact



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