National Travel Policy

National Travel Policy

The aim of the National Travel Policy is to ensure that all CSSC members are treated consistently and fairly with regards to funding when attending national, open and regional events. 

For clarity all events are categorised into one of 4 levels. 

The categories are:
  • Category 1 - Representative Matches and National Finals 
  • Category 2 - Open Championships 
  • Category 3 - Regional Qualifiers and Regional Events 
  • Category 4 - Taster Days, Days Out, Residential Leisure and Sporting Events

Claims for national finals or representative matches (category 1) must be submitted to the Event Team or the respective SRB Treasurer. For category 2 and 3, please submit your claims to the respective Regional Treasurer/representative. Please note that no claims can be made for category 4 as these events attract a relatively high subsidy at source either by CSSC or the region. 

Regional Travel Policies

Eastern Travel Policy
London Travel Policy
Midlands Travel Policy
North East Travel Policy
North West Travel Policy
Scotland Travel Policy
South and South East Travel Policy
South West Travel Policy
Wales Travel Policy
Yorkshire Travel Policy



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