Road Relay Report

The CSAA Road Relays have been held at London’s Finsbury Park since 1978 but records show that possibly the first Relays were at the City of London Arena in 1953. Up until 2015 when the Race moved from October to March the Men’s Team had 5 runners racing over the tough 2 lap course. From 2015 it became teams of 4. The Women’s event used to be a straight race over the 2.8 mile course but in 1993 a 3 Team Relay was introduced and has continued since then.
The 2018 event saw the highest number of participants since 2013 which was pleasing for the event’s organisers as consideration was being given to the events future and whether it could continue in the face of falling numbers. However, it still remains popular and will hopefully continue for the foreseeable future.
In this year’s Men’s Race retained their title for the 11th successive year ahead of Ordnance Survey and DWP/HASSRA. The fastest Leg of the Day went to George Dollner (DWP/HASSRA) in his first CSAA event with the fine time of 14.19, which was the quickest since 2013. 
In the Women’s Race MINERVA recorded their 3rd successive win with Victoria Carter (MINERVA) setting the fastest leg for the third time in the last four races. It was good to see three teams from Land Registry competing  
Thanks must go to the CSAA organising team for their support and to coming along to time-keep, record, and produce the overall results on the day.
For those with an interest in Statistics
Men’s leading times are: Women’s Leading Times are:
5/10/83 M Chorlton 12.45 4/10/78 K Binns 15.10
7/10/81 G Payne 12.49 1/10/86 C Horne 15.10
3/10/84 J Kelly 12,57 3/10/84 C Horne 15.12
1/10/86 N Lees 12.57 4/10/95 C Horne 15.23
7/10/87 G Payne 12.57 5/10/88 C Horne 15.31
Further details can be found on the CSAA Website
The next CSAA/CSSC events are:
10k 16  May -  London Olympic Park
Race Walk 16 May - London Olympic Park 
Half Marathon 17 June - Freckleton, Lancashire
Nick Hume
CSAA Secretary