Volunteer at the Games

CSSC Sports & Leisure volunteers are the lifeblood of the organisation. We would not be able to offer such a wonderful event as The Games to our members without the support of volunteers, which is why we value them so highly. Competition may not be everyone’s preference, therefore why not promote the benefits of volunteering within your department so that everyone can experience this fantastic event.

You can volunteer at the CSSC Games as long as you are a valid CSSC member and willing to give up some of your time, in return, you will find CSSC volunteering very rewarding.

CSSC will provide you with accommodation, meals and branded clothing at the event, as well as covering the reasonable cost of travel to attend the games.

The number of volunteer places are limited and a selection process will take place. The selection of volunteers will be based on the skills and commitment they are able to offer to the volunteer team.

Applications will be accepted from January. Opportunities that will be available are as follows:

Volunteer Team Leader

Transport Team Leader

Transport Team Member

Games Ambassador

Sports Officer

Closing date for all volunteer entries is Friday 29 March 2019


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Volunteering at The Games
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