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Swimming equipment

Make the most of your swim with our essentials checklist

The basics

  • Swimwear - check with your local pool to see if there are any guidelines about what swimwear is permitted. If you’re learning to swim, we recommend that your swimwear is as close fitting as possible
  • Towel - essential for drying off after your swim. Take a towelling robe if you don’t want to walk poolside in your swimwear
  • Swimming cap - ideal for keeping long hair out of your face and for reducing drag. Silicone caps are better than latex ones
  • Goggles - great for learner swimmers, as they support your technique and protect your eyes from the chlorinated water
  • Flip flops - wear flip flops if you don’t fancy walking barefoot around the pool
  • Drink and snack - take a water bottle and make sure you have small sips throughout your swim. Pack a snack such as a banana for afterwards, as this will enable you to build your energy back up

Swimming aids

  • Kickboard/float - perfect for helping you practise your leg kicks. Simply hold it out in front of you and grip with your hands. Try to get your body as horizontal as possible on the surface of the water. You’ll find this easier to do if you get a strong push-off from the wall
  • Pull buoy - place this figure of eight shaped buoy between your thighs or ankles to support your body whilst you concentrate on your arm strokes. A pull buoy will also help you develop your upper-body strength and promote good body position
  • Flippers - useful if you are looking to improve your leg kick for front crawl. You’ll also find your core stability and leg strength will improve by using flippers
  • Noodle/woggle - this long cylindrical piece of foam is incredibly versatile. It can be used as a float or as a body support

Before you get started

If you are a beginner, then we would recommend that you go with a friend or relative who is a competent swimmer. We also advise that you inform the lifeguard, as the pool will have strict health and safety regulations in place to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing.

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