Activity Subsidy Scheme


The Activity Subsidy Scheme allows you to undertake an activity when and where it best suits you rather than dictating a date, time or a venue. 

Take a look at the eligible events below and be a part of the action! 

Running - All events of 5 miles or over, including 10K, half marathons, marathons, Iron Man and assault courses i.e. Tough Mudder, and chipped wheelchair events.

Cycling - All forms of cycling including road races, mounting biking, cycle trekking and time trials.

Triathlon/Duathlon - Including short course and other versions of this increasingly popular sport.

Open Water Swimming - All open water events of any distance. 

Walking/Trekking – All walking and trekking challenges of 5 miles or over.

Please note you cannot claim for any events that have been organised by CSSC.

How much can I claim?

The amount you can claim is determined by how much the entry fee is for your event(s) and you can claim for up to 2 events in one year. See below for the level of subsidy you can claim.


Level of Subsidy:
Entry fees between £10.00 to £20.00 - 100% of fee awarded.

Entry fees from £20.00 upwards - £20.00 awarded.


How do I make a claim?

All claims must be made after the event and must be submitted within 2 months of the event.

To access the Subsidy Scheme Claim Form, please click here.

If you have any further questions please contact 

Activity Subsidies Form

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