Elite Competitors


Within CSSC there are a number of elite sportsmen and women and CSSC is here to support them in making their dreams become a reality.  

The Elite competitors fund was established in 2017 to assist CSSC members who represent their nation in their respective sport.

CSSC understands that competing in Elite Sport requires an unprecedented level of commitment with high costs associated, be that for equipment, travel or coaching. As such CSSC wishes to provide members with the chance of making it to high level competition that little bit more achievable.

CSSC already looks to provides financial assistance to members with disabilities or those experiencing financial difficulties.  However, CSSC appreciates that these schemes are not suitable for all and that is why the new Elite competitors fund has been put in place.

How to apply

All applications must be sent to events@cssc.co.uk and will be acknowledged via email.

If you have a specific date by which you need a decision, please make this clear in the space provided on your application.

See the attached Application Form and Terms and Condions Notes below.

CSSC Elite Competitors Application Form 

Elite Competitors Terms and Conditions



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