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100 years of CSSC

Sports Strategy | Have your say

With an illustrious history spanning back 100 years, CSSC has always ensured sport and physical activity is at the heart of CSSC.

As we enter into our 100th year, we have spent the last couple of months reflecting on CSSC’s sport and physical activity provision and how we can diversify our offer and help members to get more active.

Hearing from those closely connected to CSSC is vital to ensure we are heading in the right direction and ensure our sport and physical activity provision continues for another 100 years. Below you will find CSSC’s first initial thoughts for the Sports Strategy and we are proposing 5 key priorities with a number of focus areas underneath each

Our strategy

Key Priorities

  • Ensure we provide accessible and appropriate sport and physical activity opportunities across the UK that promotes activities and interests that suits all members.

  • Develop a better understanding of our member’s needs and the barriers they face, to get active with CSSC’s support.

  • Be at the forefront of exploring new trends and technology in sports ad physical activity
  • Work with leading experts to ensure our sports offer is inclusive and accessible to all members both nationally and locally.
  • Work with volunteers to improve the local sport and physical activity opportunities on offer.
  • Support departments and employers to create an active workplace culture.
  • Look to modernise the National Events Programme, boosting its appeal and participation.
  • Advertise our sport and physical activity offering in a way that is more engaging, appealing, and attractive to members.

  • Ensure we promote the positive health & wellbeing benefits that come from getting active through CSSC.

  • Use CSSC’s voice to share our own evidence of the positive impact getting active through CSSC can have on the lives of members.

  • Use targeted marketing to ensure members receive communications on the activities that are most relevant to them.
  • Widen our network of external partners who can help us to improve our sport and physical activity provision.

  • Bring different volunteer networks and external partners together to enhance collaboration, new thinking and creative problem solving.

  • Encourage a thriving network of sustainable and skilled volunteers that will create the best possible experience for members.

  • Create sport and physical activity communities that can exist in both a virtual and physical space.
  • Ensure all centralised funding models are guidance with expectations to help increase engagement and maximise investment.

  • Ensure a clear set of mutually agreed expectations are outlined for the allocation of grants to our volunteer groups.

  • Set standards of governance for all volunteer groups organising sport and physical activity opportunities.

  • CSSC to become a model of best practice when adopting the appropriate standards in equality, H&S, GDPR, event organisation/COVID safety, safeguarding etc.

We want to hear from you

Having gathered data and insight to form the sports strategies priorities and focus areas, we now want to hear from you! Your role within sport and physical activity is crucial, whether its as a member, volunteer, or any other capacity.

Choose one.

e.g. Running, Tennis, Cycling etc

Please choose at least one of the following:
Please choose at least one of the following:
Closing remarks

We would love to hear from as many people as possible. If you have anyone in your department, club, committee, workplace then please invite them along to have their say. 

If you have any queries or comments about any of this consultation, then please contact us. Thank you in advance for your time and valuable contribution and we look forward to hearing from you.

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