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Adam's story

Follow Adam's story as he takes steps to achieving his New Year's Resolution of trying to lose weight and how CSSC assisted him on his journey.

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Nerys' Story

Follow Nery's journey from Liverpool to Northern Ireland and Scotland, and how CSSC helped her along with this adventure.

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Nicky at a pool with swimming medals

Nick's story

Nick Valentine's long term passion has always been swimming, and he thanks CSSC's sponsorship scheme for their support.

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Clare holding her medal

Clare's story

Clare found archery to be a lifeline, but after recurring shoulder issues stopped her from shooting compound bow, CSSC helped her to start shooting longbow. 

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Matt holding his archery bow

Matt's story

Read about how archery helps Matt's PTSD recovery, and how CSSC helped him buy new equipment when he had to change disciplines.

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A close up shot of Lindsay lining up a shot on her archery bow

Lindsay's Story

Read about how we've helped Lindsay continue to excel in archery with a scope and help towards getting a tri-ride motorised wheel, for travelling independently over rough ground.

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