Organise a Walking Group

If you are looking to give back to your local community and share your local knowledge, leading a local walk could be ideal for you.
With the help of CSSC and Walking for Health, we have everything you need to set up a CSSC walking group for your family, friends and colleagues. Full training is provided, commitment can be very minimal and most importantly it’s great fun!
Walking for Health Schemes
Walking for Health offer short, free and friendly health walks within easy reach of where they live and work to help them become more active and stay active. This means Walking for Health are always looking to introduce walks in as many places as possible.
For this walks to happen, Walking for Health rely heavily on Volunteer Walk Leaders. To make sure our leaders feel well equipped for leading walks, Health for Walk offer a FREE full day's training with an accompanying manual. The training focuses on the practicalities of leading a health walk, but also touches on the benefits of walking, route planning and leading walkers with special requirements.
If you're interested in organising a walk for CSSC members and becoming a volunteer walk leader, then there's more information on what's involved here
Steps to organising a CSSC and Walking for Health walk
  • What walk(s) would you like to set up and why - who will benefit?
  • What resources do you have to support the walk(s) and what resources will you need? For example walk leaders, partnerships, funds, training, experience and time
  • Find your local Walking for Health Scheme here and get in touch. Let them know your plans, what you have to offer and find out if they can support your new walk
  • Complete the FREE one day training course to get you equippe
  • From this point, you should have the support of your local scheme coordinator from Walk for Health
  • If funding is required to help start up the walking group, CSSC can help! Take a look at CSSC's Physical Activity Fund for support



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