Your New Website is Nearly Here

Your new website is just around the corner

The wait is nearly over. When your new website goes live it will transform the way you discover, book and pay for your events, activities and sports.

We've already mentioned how the new search function and booking page will simplify how you choose your leisure activities. Now we'd like to highlight some more useful updates and answer a few questions we've had during the testing.

New functions

Confirming your password - The first time you visit the new website you’ll be prompted to set up a password. You can keep your existing password, you’ll just need to set it up once on the new system. We’ll send you an email with a handy guide on what you’ll need to do the day before we go live.

Handy links to popular activities - We’ll be highlighting the most popular events, such as cinema tickets, and making them easy to find and book.

Mobile friendly - Most people now use a phone or mobile device to access the web, so with this in mind we’ve ensured your website has been optimised for smaller screens on the go.

Leave reviews and rate the experience - To our members, word of mouth is extremely important when choosing an activity. So you’ll now have the ability to write a brief review for future users.

Hints and tips -  Part of what makes being a member of CSSC great is discovering new things. To help spark that curiosity we’ve made sure there’s plenty of inspiration with our ‘things to do’ and ‘get active’ links.

Community pages - To share your adventures and stories with your friends, family and colleagues we’ve linked to facebook and twitter to post pictures and updates from your outings.

Intuitive links and pages - As well as the fresh modern feel, you'll notice how easy it is to find what you need, straight away.

Members' questions and answers

Q - Will my existing log-in work?

A – Your email address will work but for security reasons you’ll need to create a new password. When you visit the new website for the first time you’ll be prompted to set up a password. You can use your existing password or create a brand new one. You’ll just need to set it up once on the new system.

Q - Will I be able to use my phone to purchase tickets or vouchers or book onto events?

A – Yes, definitely. Your new website has been optimised to work on all mobile devices, so you’ll be able to search, book and buy on the go.

Q - What will happen to pages that I’ve book marked on the existing site?

A – We’re aiming to link as many of the new pages on the current site as possible, so most of your bookmarks should still work. The fantastic new search function will help you find whatever else you need quickly. We’re also planning to send out a handy user guide, which helps members find their favourite pages.


Thanks to all the volunteers, staff and members who have helped design and test the new website.

We’ll always be evolving the website to make sure it stays up to date. If you have any questions or feedback please don’t hesitate to use the new ‘contact us’ link at the bottom of the new homepage or email

Happy surfing,