Recognising Our Volunteers

Recognising Our Volunteers

Recognising Our Volunteers

Volunteers support all of us involved with CSSC. They’re the ones we count on to make events go smoothly and ensure opportunities are shared widely. They’re the people in purple who are always there to point you in the right direction and they’re responsible for all the invisible but essential workings that keep an organisation like CSSC in ship-shape order and focused on the future. 

Once a year you have the opportunity to support and celebrate the heart and soul of CSSC - our volunteers. If you know someone who deserves to be honoured for their volunteering commitment, nominations for CSSC’s prestigious Merit Award for 2018 are now open. Take the time and let us know who you think deserves an award. 

Who Deserves a Nomination?
Before you nominate a volunteer, consider what makes this person stand out from others doing similar work within CSSC. To qualify for a Merit Award, an individual must have given exceptional and consistent service to CSSC for a period of 10 years or exceptionally 7 years to reflect the changing trends in volunteering.

The nomination form will ask for evidence of how the nominee has had a positive, significant and sustained impact on their sport, club, region or association. The form will ask for clear demonstration of how the nominee regularly exceeded the expectations of their role.

How to Nominate
Visit the Volunteer portal on the website and click on Recognising Volunteers, there you’ll see the Merit Awards section which will lead you to the online nomination form.

Any organisation or individual in CSSC can make or support a nomination and you can resubmit previous unsuccessful nominations and we will acknowledge all nominations.

Be sure to make your nomination before the closing date of September 28.If you have any queries regarding the Merit Awards, please contact Jon Bunyan on 07703124780 or

To submit your nomination please fill out the form on this link.

Criteria for Judging the Awards
When selecting award winners, The Chairman and his small advisory group of members consider the volunteer’s meritorious and sustained service to CSSC, they look at the integrity displayed representing his/her Area, Region, Sports Body or Departmental Association and finally they regard the positive and distinctive impact the nominee has had on the activities of CSSC.

Whether you are involved with CSSC activities through a region, club, departmental associations or sports bodies, you  will be rubbing shoulders with volunteers who are working hard on behalf of the membership; volunteers who deserve recognition for their hard work, effort and passion they demonstrate in their role as volunteer. Very few if any of these volunteers expect recognition but their contribution is extremely valuable and deserves considerable praise.

Please find the time to support this Award. This is a great opportunity to value the efforts of CSSC volunteers – let’s take it. 

2017  Merit Award winners:

  • Carson McNab
    National Ten Pin Bowling Organiser
  • Gillian Hall
    Chair Lincoln AA
  • Carol Timson
    Secretary, Anglia Area Association 
  • Helen George
    Chairperson Norwich (now Anglia)
  • Michael O’Hara
    Central & Forth Valley Chairman & National E-Gaming organiser
  • Debra Allott
    NE & Yorkshire Chairperson 
  • Alan Adams
    CSSC Board Member & North West Regional Chair