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World Teachers' Day

05th Oct 2021

Everyone has a favourite teacher. Whether it’s one you remember from school who inspired you and brought a particular subject to life or more recently, a trainer in an adult learning course who has encouraged you to retrain and keep going.

We love our teachers at CSSC. Not only are they dedicated to furthering the creative minds of the next generation, but they have been a steady hand on the country throughout the most turbulent time in recent history.

So, we wanted to take this opportunity to thank all the great teachers who have played such a fundamental role in all our lives. 

World Teachers’ Day

World teachers’ Day (WTD) was established in 1994 by UNESCO to recognise the importance of the essential work teachers do all over the world, in lifting people and whole communities out of poverty and empowering the next generation of people. 

It addresses the rights of teachers and makes recommendations to standards in recruitment, environment, rules and working conditions of teachers. Each year, WTD includes a campaign to highlight a better understanding of teachers and the vital role they play, most notably in developing countries and war-torn countries where teachers consistently continue to be role models for future generations. 

Recognising your favourite teacher 

During the lockdowns, many of us attempted to home school our children, with some interesting results. And while our children may not have learnt much, the overarching lesson most adults got was, ‘teachers have an incredibly hard job’ and a ‘new-found respect for the value of imparting wisdom’. 

After the year we’ve had, especially our academic profession, it would be a wonderful opportunity to thank a teacher for their dedication and commitment. 

Surprise your teacher with a gift 

Kids can show their appreciation by giving their teacher a heartfelt “thank you” card, surprising them with homemade crafts or drawings, or by writing a poem of admiration. 

Make teachers feel special 

Parents love teachers, too! Show just how much on World Teachers' Day. Collaborate with your local PTA to set up a raffle with gift cards, coffee mugs and other prizes. Provide coffee and donuts or something sweet. 

Give teachers the royal treatment 

School administrations could pamper their teachers. Having lunch catered or surprising teachers with a 10-minute massage are great ways to let teachers know that their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed.  

Introduce teachers and faculty to CSSC 

The best way we know to reward teachers and their colleagues is with our benefits and offers. Teachers work so hard and with such long hours, that if anyone needs a break and some expertise in unwinding, relaxing, exploring, rejuvenating and pampering, it’s teachers. 

Anyone who works in a school, university or college, whether teaching staff, faculty, administration or suppliers can join CSSC and reap the rewards of membership. 

We have a whole webpage set up to help new members, navigate and explore the offers we think might most appeal to them and those in academia. From fitness and relaxation to days out, retail and entertainment.  

We’re even at the National Education Show from 6-8 October to highlight how we can help teachers on their mission to educate others.  

Thank you, teachers. 

From the bottom of our heart, thank you to everyone who has helped teach future generations over the last 100 years. Your commitment, dedication and inspiration has lifted the nation higher.  

And a huge thank you to my favourite teacher, Mr Nicholls, who inspired me to travel more with his humour and enthusiasm for geography and the world – RH.

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