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What lights your fire?

29th Oct 2019
Garden parties

For the social sparklers who love to party, check out our range of discounts and cashback on food, drink, fireworks or earplugs with your MySavings+.

Organised displays

For the well-balanced Catherine wheels, seeking a mixture of fizz and sparkle, have a look at ‘things to do in your area for local displays and events.

Show stoppers

For the adventurous who burn the roman candle at both ends, try the sensational, season finales at Merlin’s theme parks and attractions.

Historic illuminations

For the high achieving rockets, experience your oohs and aahs without a drop of gunpower and bask in the glow of the UK’s most majestic sights.

Help with pets

For those of us with furry friends, fireworks can be a real pain. But with a little preparation, you can minimise the impact and distress caused by strange sights, sounds and smells.

  1. Find out if/when your town or neighbours are putting on displays and walk your dogs before the festivities begin.
  2. Now’s a good time to make sure your pet’s ID tags and chips are up to date
  3. Steadily expose your pets to loud noises beforehand
  4. Turn lights on and close doors and windows to shut out the noise
  5. Create a comfy, familiar, safe place in the middle of your property with a heavy blanket or an old t-shirt that smells of you
  6. Experiment with pheromones to placate and pacify your animals
  7. Some fresh food and water and perhaps even a special treat or toy may help
  8. Stay with your pet. Cuddle and sooth them regularly with lots of attention during and after

Most trick-or-treaters will only visit decorated houses these days, but if you’d rather not be disturbed, you could try hanging a ‘Do-not-disturb’ or ‘No-trick-or-treaters’ sign on your door.

Whether you celebrate bonfire night or relax with a good book or tv documentary. CSSC can help you stay cosy and warm this autumn.

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