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Volunteers’ week: 1-7 June

31st May 2021

All this week we’re saying thank you to not only our volunteers, but everyone who gives up their time to help others. Whether that’s helping with a local charity, assisting the public to get their vaccinations, or simply improving the lives of people, animals or plant life with their endeavours.

There’s something incredibly special about people who give their time and energy so freely to help others. And something so rewarding for those who do.

CSSC volunteers

We are lucky enough to have over 1,000 volunteers, who share their skills, experiences, hobbies and passions with our members. They help to run area associations and regions in roles such as Chairs, Treasurers and secretaries. They put on local activities and trips for members to enjoy. And they help staff, marshal and ensure the smooth, safe running of our larger events like the CSSC games and of course our upcoming centenary celebrations.

One of the greatest things about our volunteers is their strength and depth of their experience. Some have recently just started, while others have been volunteering for decades. Yet, however long they’ve been volunteering or whatever their commitment, we are honoured by their help, dedication and commitment.

Throughout volunteers’ week we’ll be hearing from some of our volunteers. Their stories, journeys and insights into volunteering, which we hope inspires more of you to join in and get involved.

We’ll also be recognising some of our volunteers with our awards throughout the week, as our way of saying thanks for everything they do, to help make CSSC members’ time so precious and memorable.

Why volunteer

To find out why people love volunteering all you have to do is ask them. You’ll get a range of responses, each as unique as the person or activity they’re undertaking.

The top answer we usual get is that people love to help others. Especially if it’s through an organisation or institution which has helped them in the past, like a charity or hospice.

Another popular response we hear is the warm feeling and overwhelming sense of purpose volunteers get from giving up their time. It doesn’t matter whether they’re litter picking from canal towpaths or mucking out zebras at the zoo.

From all the reasons we’re given, the broadest response we hear is the positive impact on volunteers’ health and fitness. Most activities require some form of movement, even sorting through donations at charity shops is more physical than you might think. But if not physically active, chances are the tasks are either mentally or emotionally demanding, which all help keep volunteers active and engaged.

According to research, people who volunteer tend to live longer, healthier, happier lives. Which may explain why in the past 12 months at least one third of all adults have volunteered in some capacity. Some for a day through a work scheme, others weekly or even daily. But whatever commitment they make the results are universal. It’s good to help others.

Discover an opportunity just for you

If you’re new to volunteering or fancy trying something new, why not check out our opportunities to dip your toe in the water? We’ve got loads of opportunities to utilise, stretch and grow new skills. Such as desk-based administration roles, or field based marshalling or event organising.

By volunteering with CSSC not only will you get comprehensive training and most expenses covered, but you’ll also meet loads of great, like-minded people, have fun, stay active, gain new skills and confidence and take part in and explore new hobbies.

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