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International Volunteer Day

03rd Dec 2019

In 1985 the United Nations marked 5 December as International Volunteer Day. It not only shines a light on the amazing benefits volunteering brings to communities and individuals the world over, but also helps focus the attention of organisations and governments to look more outwardly.  

Volunteering has always been at the heart of CSSC, so we thought we’d take this opportunity to take a closer look at volunteering with CSSC.

Back in June, we invited our volunteers to write a short piece on facebook, about their experience of volunteering. So, we wanted to revisit these stories to find out what it’s like. 

Media and communications officer

Hannah volunteers as a media and communications officer for Gosport and Fareham. As a student, full-time civil servant and keen netball fan, free time is especially precious to Hannah. But it was her love of netball that first tempted her to get involved with CSSC.

In a nutshell, Hannah is responsible for communications and advertising, as well as the regional newsletter. She helps expand the Gosport and Fareham's activities and grow the association.

Hannah loved her first regional conference, finding it really interesting and informative. But the best thing she’s ever done was filming the Solent Forts trip with the CSSC Media Team.

“The most important thing to me about volunteering is seeing the enjoyment of our members. It brings tremendous satisfaction to know they’ve had a good time and we’ve made a positive mark on their life.”

“For anyone thinking of becoming a volunteer, definitely Do it! You can give as much or as little time as you like and the roles flex around you. The people are great, and you make loads of contacts, both professionally and personally. It's an experience you won't regret.”

Welsh Regional Secretary

Steve’s been with CSSC for about 40 years, so really knows his way around. He first got into volunteering while living in Milton Keynes, when he went with a friend to an area council meeting. They were looking for new recruits and thankfully, Steve stepped up.

As a member of the area management committee and the Welsh Region Secretary, it allows plenty of variety in all sorts of events and activities. But what Steve enjoys most is meeting new people, who you might not usually get to know. The added bonus of keeping active is also a welcome benefit.

What gave Steve the most satisfaction while volunteering was helping to transition Gosport & Fareham Area (his previous association) from an area with a club to a successful area without a club. “Through this process, we found and helped to develop new volunteers and I left behind a strong local area management committee.”

Whenever he’s asked by anyone who’s thinking of becoming a volunteer, his first response is always. “Just go for it. Look to use your strengths and interests and don’t be afraid of trying something new. I’ve seen volunteers come in and have a real impact, not realising what they had to bring to the table.”

If you have access to facebook, you can read more posts from loads of volunteers on CSSC’s volunteering page.

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