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26th Nov 2021
Eight days of celebration

Hanukkah or “Dedication” is celebrated over eight days and nights with a combination of lighting menorahs, telling stories, playing games and eating good foods in great company.

Its traditions can be traced back many hundreds, even thousands of years and holds a special place in the hearts of many observers, for its welcoming, colourful and joyful celebrations.

The Menorah

At the heart of the festival is the nightly lighting of the Menorah. An often beautifully elaborate lampstand, traditionally fuelled by olive oil, symbolises the ideal of universal enlightenment. Its original seven light design can be traced back millennia and modern versions, replacing oil with candles can be found in homes around the world.

During Hanukkah, families will use a nine branch Menorah and light one candle each night of Hanukkah, using the ninth candle as an igniter, so after eight nights all candles are lit. Blessings are recited, and songs sung before and after the lighting.

A time to celebrate

Many families celebrate Hanukkah together, often inviting friends of other or no faith to share the joy. Traditions like sharing gifts, food and festivities with friends and loved ones are a welcome opportunity to have fun marking the start of the winter months.

If you are celebrating Hanukkah this year, we wish you a Hanukkah Sameach.

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