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National news

Football’s Coming Home

01st Aug 2019

This week sees the start of the home nation’s football leagues. And with it the rekindling of many a friendly rivalry and spirited debate.

In honour of the beautiful game, we have some interesting facts about football, that you may not have heard before and may not believe are true. If you have any interesting facts you’d like to dazzle your fellow members with, please share them on social media using the hashtag #CSSCfootball

It’s a funny old game
  • Sheffield was the first ever football club. Formed in 1857.
  • The first football match shown on TV was in 1937. (Both teams were Arsenal!)
  • Poor Greenland is unable to join football’s world governing body, FIFA, as they don’t have enough grass to make a football pitch.
  • A football like game has been played as far back as 1967BC in China.
  • The name football comes not from kicking the ball but because it’s played on the feet (rather than on horseback).
  • It wasn’t until 1881 that referees were brought into the game. Until then teams relied on sportsmanship.
  • The highest number of goals scored was 149-0 in a match played between AS Adema and Stade Olympique de L’Emyrne of Madagascar.
  • The use of red and yellow cards was introduced in 1970 by Englishman Ken Aston, who was inspired while stuck at traffic lights.
So let’s kick-off

CSSC is no stranger to football. The Civil Service Football Club was one of the original 11 football teams who formed the English FA back in 1863, to make the world’s oldest football association. We helped write the first rules and regulations of the modern game and we’re the only surviving team from that group.

Ever since then we’ve offered and promoted various matches and games, managing to keep pace with modern tastes:

  • CSSC Games masters/open/console gaming
  • National 5-a-side tournament
  • Foot golf
Back of the net

If you fancy training to be a coach or referee, our training subsidy scheme could help you. Or if you’re turning professional, we have your back with the elite competitor’s fund. Plus, don’t forget you’ll get cashback at many sports shops and retailers through My Savings+.

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