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Fill your boots this shopping weekend

23rd Nov 2021

We’re all familiar with the phenomenon of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, where many stores across the world promote heavy discounts on everything from new cars to new technology. We dug a little deeper into its origins last year. 

But an even more recent trend is Small Business Saturday, where local shops and independent retailers counter the ‘sales’ of larger stores and online shops, to encourage us all to help our high streets and shop local. We love this idea and are always on the lookout for ways to support our local high street heroes, who supported us all through the lockdowns. 

Small Business Saturday 

Small Business Saturday, again started in the US in 2010, possibly to latch on to the success of Black Friday after Thanksgiving. Here in the UK, we’ve adopted a slightly different approach by utilising the first weekend in December, to ensure the two events don’t clash and to really give our local stores a boost.  

And it’s really worked. Last year, shoppers spent over £1 Billion in local shops, even with the pandemic influencing people’s habits. And this year is set to be even more successful. Not only helping small and medium-size businesses but helping us all to explore our high streets, to get out to meet and greet neighbours and friends and have fun in good company, once more. 

Check out some of our favourite small businesses here.

Good for your health and good for the planet 

There’s more to just buying things when it comes to shopping, especially locally. 

It’s well documented that purchasing new products, especially treats and luxuries can impact our brains. Neurons fire mood-enhancing chemicals, which provide an albeit temporary sense of euphoria and exhilaration. And as we all know the first stage of being well, is feeling well.  

But, shopping local is much more than that. We briefly mentioned the additional joy we get when shopping with friends or perhaps bumping into people we may not have seen for many years. High streets tend to bring that sense of community, which you can’t get anywhere else. Many high streets shut to cars, one day in December to encourage safe shopping, to turn on Christmas lights and even hold market stalls and fairground rides.  

There’s also the exercise which shopping local provides. Many people are lucky enough to live within walking distance from their town centres and if you’re walking while busily shopping, you tend not to notice the miles you cover and the good you’re doing. 

Perhaps one of the most important elements of shopping locally, which is so often overlooked, is the lesser impact on the environment. If we’re not using cars to drive to out of town shopping centres or retail parks, or relying on delivery vans for our online shopping, it produces less C02. Local stores will likely use less packaging and even wrap your gifts for you, causing less waste. And supporting our high streets provides local jobs, opportunities, and raises local taxes to help keep our towns and cities vibrant and engaging.  

Shop local with CSSC 

We’ve got loads of ways to help you get the most out of your high street.  

Fabyouless Discount Card and App– Feel good and look good this Christmas with discounts at thousands of local salons, spas, hairdressers, nail bars and gyms.  

Tastecard – For lunchtime or evening meals at loads of local restaurants and diners, for a mid-shop energiser or after a long day in town.  

Local Discounts Card – We’ve recently launched our ‘Local Discounts Card’ on CSSC savings, which can help you save at hundreds of local shops. Just visit CSSC savings, go to the discounts tab at the top and click on ‘Local Discounts’. From here you can explore your local area to find all the retailers who have signed up. Remember to scroll to the bottom of the CSSC savings page to view your Local Discounts Card and show this in shops to save. 

Plus, remember to sign up, download and use the brand-new CSSC savings App for on the go savings and deals.

However you spend the next few weekends, we hope you have some great local adventures and have some great fun in great company. 

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