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Donating equipment to help our local community

11th Feb 2021

We’ve always been strongly invested in our local communities, from funding local initiatives and volunteering charity work, to larger scale events like the CSSC Games and Active Wellbeing, which help unite disconnected communities throughout the country.

So, when an opportunity comes along to help the local community in High Wycombe, where our head office is based and many of our colleagues live, volunteer and raise money for local causes, we jump at the chance.

Learning during lockdown

With such roots in High Wycombe, it’s no surprise to learn that many of our colleagues went to local schools and now send their children and grandchildren to the same schools. Some even give up their time to help as School Board members.

When it became apparent that schools would reclose during the 2nd lockdown and we saw the harsh realities of some pupils being unable to continue their learning, due to lack of access to the school curriculum, two of our colleagues asked themselves ‘what could they do to help’?

And the answer was simple. Let’s donate some of our tech to a school, so they can distribute to the pupils most in need. So, we donated eight laptops to the Hamilton Academy state primary school, a mere stone’s throw from our offices.

Richard Kershaw, Appointed Governor of Hamilton Academy was delighted with this gift from CSSC saying: “We have approximately 600 children learning remotely, and this allows more of them to access the online content and join in the virtual class and school assemblies. Even in households that had a way of getting online, not everyone had devices for all of their home learners to access content at the same time, so it is incredibly helpful that you were able to help get more children engaged with the learning.”

Learning after lockdown

Lockdown restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic have been difficult for the entire nation, and nowhere has this impact been felt more acutely than by our children through the closure of their nurseries, schools, colleges and universities. Which is why we’re delighted to share our resources with the Hamilton Academy.

But, we appreciate, even when lockdown ends, and children can return to school and teachers can keep doing what they do best in the classroom, some kids continue to be disadvantaged, with a lack of equipment and opportunities. Which is why these laptops are a permanent gift for Hamilton Academy, who we hope get many years of learning and education out of them.

“We know the Hamilton Academy will put these laptops to excellent use and we hope this gift will aid their pupils’ learning for years to come.”
– CSSC Group Chief Executive, Simon Lee -

With many of our members in the education profession, we’ve been forever in awe of the superb work teachers and faculty have done for so many years. And with the additional challenges they’ve faced most recently, we’re delighted that CSSC has helped play a small part in looking after their health, wellbeing and maximising their free time with our exclusive offers, savings and discounts.

If you know any schools who would like to offer CSSC membership to their staff, please get in touch with Matt Davies who would be delighted to arrange a virtual presentation on the benefits of CSSC.

Find out more about how we can help teachers and their colleagues enjoy their free time here.

Volunteer with CSSC

In addition to the new laptops CSSC staff are hoping to volunteer at the Hamilton Academy this spring, once restrictions have been lifted, to help re-invigorate their gardens and communal areas for their pupils, parents and faculty to enjoy.

If you’d like to give something back to your local community and to those who give so much of themselves, why not volunteer with CSSC? We’ve got loads of opportunities to run events, put on activities and unite your teams, towns, offices and colleagues, while having loads of fun.

Find out more about volunteering with CSSC or get in touch here.


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