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Daily Retrospection - Friday 29 Jan 2021

29th Jan 2021

To kick off our centenary year, instead of looking forward to our birthday, we wanted to take a quick look back at some important moments in our history. This week we’re posting an extract from our archives, every day, which highlight the history we share with some of the UK’s greatest sporting institutions.

Perhaps 1926 was the last time there was ever a meeting of 5,000 civil servants all in one place. It’s amazing what sport can do to both unite and enliven people. But that’s exactly what Cricket did in Chiswick, back in September of that year. Or perhaps it was just the chance of seeing Australia get a good thumping between the creases.

Civil Service versus Australia

The cricket match against the Australians, played on 4 and 6 September at Chiswick was a great and historic event in our annals.

The estimated attendance on the first day was between four and five thousand.

The match was played on Saturday and Monday and with Sunday rest day. Monday’s Times carried a long report on Saturdays play in which tribute was paid to the fielding and bowling of the Civil Service until the bowlers tired!

Extract from CS Sports Journal – October 1926

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