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Cycle to work day 2021

04th Aug 2021

As one of the most popular forms of exercise in the UK, we’re all very familiar with some of the benefits to our own health, but do we ever consider the wider implications that bike riding has on not only our own wellbeing, but of those around us, our cities and the planet?

Healthy cycling

You only have to look at professional cyclists and even regular participants to know how physically strong they are. But when you dig a little deeper into some of the stats of the Tour de France competitors, it may help you understand just how fit cycling can make you.

It’s true that the Tour is considered the world’s foremost endurance challenge, so perhaps comparing us mere mortals to Tour riders is perhaps a little unfair. But, when you discover that research on Tour de France riders reveals they live, on average, 8 years (17%) longer than non-cyclists, it certainly gives us something to think about.

We can’t all be as super fit as Tour De France riders, but the great news is, you don’t have to be. Just 30-minutes of easy to moderate cycling a day is enough to increase your heart rate, and breathing, exercise your joints and lose weight.

A good balance of fun and exercise

What’s even better with cycling is you don’t necessarily need to go outside. Thanks to some recent innovations in exercise bikes, like rolling roads, adaptive gradients, live races and many others, you can literally bring the outside indoors.

There are loads of other benefits of using exercise bikes over the real thing. Including: privacy, if you’re not ready to share your journey, it’s all weather friendly, plus, you don’t have to get dressed up and you can simply jump on a bike whenever you have a few minutes, you can even do it while you’re doing other things. Members have told us about cycling on their exercise bikes during their working from home meetings.

If you are ready to get outside, you may find that cycling is an amazing way to clear your mind. To lose yourself in the moment and forget about work or other commitments is a tremendous way to relax and refresh, every day or even just once a week.

What’s more, if it’s been a while and you’re not confident on the road, why not find a park or canal towpath, to find your feet? You could even consider other forms of cycling like mountain biking or BMXing, you can even ride the London 2012 velodrome track.

The world at your fingertips

The impact of cycling on the environment is incredibly low. Other than the initial resources to produce a bike, there are no emissions at all. It frees up roads and public transport, liberating cities and towns. Which is why so many cities, companies and countries have introduced bike rental schemes, more bike racks, better cycle lanes and cycle to work initiatives, to encourage more people to get involved and feel safe. And we at CSSC applaud any idea which gets more people on their bikes, whether that’s to replace a commute or at the weekend.

Cycling with CSSC

Cycling is one of our favourite sports. It’s great for all-round health and fitness, it’s perfect for solo or social activities, it’s low impact on both the body and nature and it’s incredibly cost effective and can save hundreds of pounds a year.

Which is why we’re always looking out for partners and events to share our passion, to help you fall in love with cycling.  

So, whatever your level of confidence or ability, whatever your tastes or budget, have a look at some of our cycling offers and deals to see what’s right for you. Follow the links below.

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