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CSSC Seasonal Savings | Day 2

29th Oct 2020

Today’s seasonal saving is looking at saving money on your Christmas food and drink.

After presents and gifts, food is the next largest expense for many families. According to a poll conducted last year, on average families spent £37 on their main meal, £26 on snacks and treats and a whopping £38 on alcohol, which may tell you where some priorities lie and could give you an idea where best to spend your budget.

But, factor in the additional costs of crackers, extra cutlery and crockery for more place settings, and a Christmas meal could set you back over £130. Then of course you’ve got Boxing day, where some lucky families do it all again.

Even for those who don’t celebrate Christmas, with many shops closing over the festive period and workplaces quietening down, it’s common for many to stock up their refrigerators and freezers to last until the New Year.

What type of Christmas are you planning this year?

Travel restrictions may mean some family get-togethers are a little different this year. For some it could mean smaller affairs with less travel. For others it may mean sharing their homes with extended family for longer periods.

Either way, there’s lots you can do now to help relieve the stress and the expense of Christmas.

A Typical Family Meal

While these figures start off small, they certainly accumulate. What could you do with an extra tenner in your pocket at the most expensive time of year?

Top tips and savings

To help reduce your bills even further, we’ve got some top tips to follow:

  • Make do with your artificial tree this year and go shopping in the sales for next year’s after Boxing day.
  • Hobbycraft have got some excellent ‘make-your-own-cracker’ kits. Plus, they’re fun for the kids -and save on wasted packaging.
  • Everyone knows about leftovers after Christmas, so why not research and practice some recipes now, to free up time on the day.
  • Cut down on food waste and have a real think about last year’s dinner sizes?
  • Still eating sweets from last year in March? Use left-over treats from Halloween or simply make your own with the kids.
  • Budget for Christmas and try to stick to it. 81% of people last year exceeded theirs, adding more stress on the big day.
  • Make a treaty with family members to set a spending cap on gifts. Or better still volunteer at a shelter or make a contribution to a food bank instead.
  • Speaking of gifts, while you’re at Hobbycraft, why not make something personal and meaningful?

Check out more fantastic savings across a range of retailers and suppliers on our My Savings+ page.

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