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Black Friday 2020

25th Nov 2020

Believe it or not, the term ‘Black Friday’ can be dated back to the UK in at least 1869. However, far from relating to the more recent uses of the phrase, this was in actual fact reference to Friday the 13th being considered an unlucky day or ‘Black Day’.

Coincidentally, the first time the phrase ‘Black Friday’ was used in America was also in 1869, but for an entirely different reason. Two speculators tried to manipulate the Gold Market, causing a crash on Wall Street, on 24 September, which was, of course, a Friday.

So how did we get from Wall Street crashes and Triskaidekaphobia (fear of the number 13) to today’s retail phenomenon?

Busiest shopping day of the year

With the exception of Christmas, the most popular national holiday in America is Thanksgiving. Celebrated there on the fourth Thursday of November, traditionally to give thanks for successful harvests throughout the summer.

The Friday after Thanksgiving is often taken as a holiday from work to enjoy a four-day weekend. For many, with a little under a month to go, this often signaled the start of the Christmas shopping season.

Since 2005 this has quickly become the busiest shopping day of the year in the US and when many stores open early and reduce their prices. Originally for larger purchases, families might need for Christmas like a new TV or sofa, but now seems to be for everything and anything you could want.

And why black Friday? Well, there are several theories ranging from ‘the police describing the volume of traffic on the roads’, to the more likely definition of when retailers began turning a profit that year, going from ‘in the Red’ to ‘in the Black’.

A growing phenomenon

Whatever the reason for the name, no one can deny its popularity and inevitable spread to other countries, including the UK.

As with all traditions though, Black Friday has grown to incorporate an even newer phenomenon, Cyber Monday. This is where sales have shifted online instead of in-store. Perhaps due to the expansion and popularity of online-only stores like Amazon, but also because many people will have returned to work and maybe shopping without prying eyes looking over shoulders.

Online retailers with My Savings+

No greater year has online shopping ever been more important than this year. With the changing circumstances and restrictions, we continue to live with, we have increasingly relied on shops moving online and expanding their home delivery service. This has allowed many local retailers to grow their range and diversify their customer base.

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