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National news

Armed Forces Day | 25 June 2022

20th Jun 2022

Celebrations begin today, 20 June, when the Armed Forces flag is raised on many public buildings and famous landmarks.

There are loads of events happening all over the country to join in with, from Aberdeen to Plymouth. You can find a comprehensive list on the Armed Forces Day website, for events near you. It’s also not too late to organise your own event, whether a picnic in the park or a drink in the pub. It’s all about raising awareness of the amazing work our Armed Forces do, and the sacrifices they and their families make every day.

Find some great tips to hosting, holding and making the most of your event on the website, if you’re thinking of doing something for the week.

Reserves Day – 22 June

Reservists give up their precious spare time and often worktime, effecting their work-life balance, to become a reservist. The Reserve Forces make up about one-sixth of our Armed Forces and are highly skilled professionals who support the regulars in everything they do. They are integral to the safety and security of the nation both at home and overseas and thoroughly deserve to be recognised on Reserves Day for everything they do.  

If you’ve ever been tempted to join the Reserves, you can read some stories about life in the Reserves from among others, Louise Tunnicliff, who by day is a Civil Servant and also by day is an Army Reservist in the 68 Signal Squadron, based in central London.

Serving those who serve the country

Many of our members, volunteers and staff have served or know people who have, and with their help and guidance, we shape our products and services to ensure they benefit our members from the military and their loved ones.

Whether that’s with our free and discounted days out to help families reunite and reconnect. Or our discounts, savings and offers to help save money on essentials and luxuries.

For people who spend so much time away, it’s more important than ever to recognise their need to relax and recuperate during downtime. This is why we are always introducing new and exciting ways to help our members maximise their free time, whatever their passions and hobbies.

  • – for those looking to relax, keep energised or stay healthy when on leave.
  • Days out and trips – to help forget about work and to reconnect with families.
  • Hobbies and classes – for indoor activities during typical British summers.
  • Community groups – to connect with others and like-minded friends.
The Armed Forces Covenant

In 2019 we signed the Armed Forces Covenant to cement our commitment to treating past and present members of the Armed Forces, together with their families with equality, dignity, respect and honour.

We are proud to work hand in hand with the Armed Forces, whether through competing in sports fixtures against the Forces or simply being there when they or their loved ones need inspiration to relax, unwind, explore or simply enjoy time with each other.

Thank you to all our Armed Forces members, Reservists, their families, and veterans for everything you do in taking care of the nation.

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