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Colin Innes wins Fantasy Football League!

24th Jun 2019
Phil Hawkins, CSSC Eastern Region Treasurer, finds out more...

Phil Hawkins (PH) - I congratulate you Colin on managing your fantasy team, "AFC Strollers" to top spot in the Eastern Region Fantasy League, 2018/19; you have won a prize of £100.

PH - So Colin, where do you live and work?

Colin Innes (CI) - I live in Southend, Essex and retired from HMRC some 11 years ago.

PH - How many years have you taken part in the CSSC fantasy league and have you had any successes in the past?

CI - This is just my second year in the CSSC Fantasy League but I did not do very well at my first attempt

PH - Do you take part in any other Fantasy Leagues and how did you do in those?

CI - I do the Fantasy Premier League and finished in the top10k this year. I also do the Telegraph Fantasy Football League and finished in the top 12k.

PH - Will "AFC Strollers" be back next time to defend the title and why the name?

CI - Most definitely. I support Aberdeen FC and the Strollers come from the CS Strollers who play in the Lowland Football League.

PH - How long have you been a member of CSSC and do you use CSSC for any other sporting or social activities?

CI - I’ve been a member of CSSC since 1979 and a member of RCSL (formerly C&E Sports) since 1995. I did various sports in my younger days and had intended to do outings and theatre trips when I retired but can’t find the time.

PH - Are you member of any other S&S Club and if so what activities do you do with them?

CI - I’m a former secretary of Southend Football Supporters Social Club (SFSSC) and current secretary of the Southend & District Cribbage League.

PH - How often have you been monitoring your team in the CSSC Fantasy League, with team selection who was your best choice and who let you down?

CI - I reviewed my various teams every week taking account of form and fixtures. I got off to a good start and had reasonable weekly scores ranging from 24 to 70. I had 2 x Man City and 2 x Liverpool from the start and Salah was probably the pick of the bunch. The disappointments are too numerous to mention but Man United did me no favours.
PH - What stopped you winning the National CSSC League do you reckon?

CI - In common with other managers, I could have won the league apart from a combination of injuries, suspensions, rotation and bad luck. The winning margin was less than 2 points per week on average so I’ll be trying that little bit harder next season.

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