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Knot shore if sailing is for you or think it may be a bit of an oar-deal?

04th Dec 2019

Well, seas the day and have a look at what some of the Civil Service Sailing Association (CSSA) members get up to in their spare time on the Civil Service Sailing Association website.

You will be pleased to know that not everybody, in fact very few CSSA members, use such cringe-worthy puns but they do all work hard to try to help people get into sailing, develops their sailing skills and just enjoy being out on the water be it on a yacht or a dinghy. The CSSA provides sailing facilities and opportunities for adults and families through its member clubs at various locations around the UK.

All members of the CSSC are eligible to join the CSSA, there is no additional cost, and take advantage of opportunities to enjoy cruising and racing in dinghies, and coastal or offshore cruising and racing in yachts.

Whether you’re interested in racing around an inland lake, visiting a French harbour, or battling the elements in an offshore yacht race, the CSSA and its clubs can help you. Get in touch to discover the opportunities waiting for you.

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