Keep Calm and Spread Cheer this Festive Season

Even Santa's most organised elf eventually feels the squeeze at Christmas time. Life coach Puja K McClymont has kindly shared five top tips to help you get through the festive period in one piece.
1) Walk

When you feel buried, stop everything for a minute and take a little walk. Giving your mind a 5-minute holiday decreases the feeling of chaos and lowers your stress levels.

2) Do It In Slow Motion

When you feel stressed, try doing something in slow motion. When you do this, you will notice you're concentrating on it more intensely. When you are concentrating, you will be more present and being present reduces stress.

3) Breathe

Close your eyes. Make sure the soles of your feet touch the ground. Breathe normally, at a normal pace. Deep breathing relaxes the body and concentrating on breathing calms the mind.

4) Give Thanks About the Good Things

Mentally list the things you're grateful for. Gratefulness boosts positivity, helps you concentrate on the here and now and reduces the feeling of stress.

5) A Journey To Your Favourite Place

Close your eyes and imagine yourself in your favourite place. It can be anywhere you feel calm. Once you get there, live the place with your whole body and you will enjoy the same mental and physical benefits as though you were really there and you will feel more relaxed.

Now that you've reached a state of festive calm, let's explore the ways CSSC can help spread cheer this month. Everyone knows that Christmas at the historical sites of Britain are brimming with charm and wonderment for young, old and everyone in between. With a dazzling range of events, workshops, displays and markets on offer, members can get even more out of their free entry to English Heritage, Cadw and Historic Royal Palace sites all over the country in December.

While many of our popular Christmas events, trips and shows sell out and entries close many months before December, there are still lots of opportunities available. There's a Christmas wine tasting event at the Voodoo Cafe in Darlington on the 8 and a Christmas wreath making workshop in Exeter on the 9. You could explore your creative streak at a fused glass Christmas decoration workshop in Lancashire on the 15 or test your piping skills at the Buttercream Flower Wreath workshop in Exeter also on the 15.

Wishing you a warm, safe and happy Festive Season from everyone at CSSC.



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