Guidelines for Mission 2022 Squash Applicants

Guidelines for Mission 2022 Squash Applicants

You're in the hot seat, it's the final of the Commonwealth Games, match point and you have to make the call? Could you do it? Have you got the skills, the composure and the knowledge? We're recruiting Mission 2022 candidates to help develop new and existing referees in time for the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Mission 2022 will help inspire and support new and existing referees to reach the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games. We will nurture existing and new referees through the referee pathway over the next four years, having a minimum of 3 world, 4 Regional, 10 new National and 20 new Tournament level referees by 2022. 
Mission & Background
As a mission 2022 candidate you will be part of the transformation of refereeing in squash for the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham; becoming central to the legacy that will ensure sufficient existing and new referees to cover national and international events over the next 10 years. You will be part of the transformation of squash refereeing, creating an attractive option to grow within the sport at local and international stages. 

You will have a shared responsibility with us for building our home nations position as the leading refereeing nations in the squash world. Mission 2022 will not only recruit new referees into the pathway but ensure the experience and knowledge of existing referees is used. Existing referees may be candidates and may also have further roles such as: 

  • Mentors. Existing referees will be asked to guide Mission 2022 candidates through the process. Using their knowledge and experience to develop the next set of world class referees. 
  • Assessors. Higher level referees will be asked to form part of a new team of assessors that will help Mission 2022 candidates progress through the pathway. Assessors will be identified at an early stage. 

As a new Mission 2022 candidate you will be positioned at the forefront of refereeing, fast tracked to become one of the best in the world. Our current crop of referees will support you to succeed through a range of mentoring, peer and formal assessments, academy sessions and training days. Your PDP will guide you through the process with the vision of refereeing at the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham 2022 the outcome. We’ll be appointing around 30 candidates to the ‘Class of 2018’ with the expectation that this new group will drive the sport forward.

Job Description
Mission 2022 candidates will be at the forefront of refereeing across the home nations and their associated events. Each candidate will have a passion for squash, be excited by the prospect of helping develop the sport and be ready to make a difference at the highest level of the sport. Candidates will be expected to attend a range of training and CPD opportunities showing their commitment to continuing professional development.

Academy days - These will offer candidates the opportunity to come together, train, support and mentor each other through the Mission 2022 process. A range of seminars, lectures, practical and supportive workshop sessions will form part of academy days. Localised and centralised academies will run throughout the project. Only local academies will be delivered in the first year.

Mentoring - A large emphasis of the development of mission 2022 referees will be placed upon mentoring from existing higher profile referees. To support the development of Mission 2022 referees the ‘Class of 2018’ will receive group mentoring for the first year.

PDP - Each candidate will also have a PDP created for them to use throughout their journey, this PDP will also include lists of opportunities for them to referee matches and gain valuable experience.

Events - Candidates will be expected to attend events every month to develop their skills and progress through the pathway. Peer assessments from other referees will also help this process. 

Most Mission 2022 candidates will be involved in least two sessions of activity each month, however more opportunities will become available dependent on candidates location, mentoring groups and other opportunities. There is an expectation that, although supported throughout the process, Mission 2022 candidates will be responsible for their own development and will source further opportunities to help their progression. Financial reimbursement will be given to candidates for certain elements of the programme. 

Example timetable of activity for 2018: 

  Year 1
June Applications reviewed and successful candidates notified
Initial Academy Event 
July Formal training session (where required)
Group Mentoring 
August Initial exams completed (where required)
PDP Finalised
September Local Academy Day
PDP – Refereeing Event
Ocotober Peer Assessment
PDP – Refereeing Event 
November Group Mentoring
PDP – Refereeing Event 
December Local Academy Day
PDP – Refereeing Event
January Assessment
PDP - Refereeing
February Group Mentoring
PDP - Refereeing 
March Local Academy Day
PDP - Refereeing 
April Peer Assessment
PDP - Refereeing 

Group Mentoring 
PDP - Refereeing
Year End Graduation

*Please note this is a rough guideline and is not indicative of all required dates or events for Mission 2022 candidates. 

Person Specification
What you’ll need now:

  • Knowledge of the rules of squash
  • Good communication skills
  • The ability to provide direct, clear feedback and messages
  • The ability to understand, monitor and control your own body language
  • Good motivation, confidence and concentration skills
  • Good mental toughness & an ability to project a positive image
  • People management skills
  • Good anticipatory skills
  • Ability to influence behaviour, understand and respond to different personality styles
  • Exemplary listening skills and the ability to understand the needs of people
  • Good humour and a sound personality
  • Resilience and fortitude
  • Be open to constructive feedback
  • Open minded and objective 

What you’ll learn and develop along the way:

  • Anxiety control strategies and an awareness of anxiety
  • The ability to read the play and feel the game
  • Understanding of body language and its meaning
  • Development of your style of communication, making use of a variety of styles
  • Be aware of all aspects of security in the competition arena
  • Understanding of surroundings and the impact they have on a referee
  • Self reflection and personal development on your performance against the rules of squash
  • Relationship management and development with officials, gaining trust and mutual respect
  • Ability to prioritise workloads and development needs in order of importance
  • Understand how to resolve conflict and deal with difficult situations
  • Be acutely aware of first -aid provision and emergency procedures
  • An understanding of health and safety including safeguarding in a sports setting 

Next Steps & Timelines
If you would like to be part of the mission, learn from the best referees in the world and maybe even referee at a home nations Commonwealth Games in 2022 then please apply. Please note applicants must be aged 16 and over. 

Some of our referees have been able to travel the world and be involved in a sport that is their passion, Mission 2022 offers the opportunity for a new group of referees to also do this. 

Applications close on Friday 18th May.
Telephone Interviews w/b 28th May.
Interviews w/b 11th June.
Successful Candidates notified w/b 18th June. 
Initial Academy day w/b 25th June.

Applications can be made via:  



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