Civil Service Active Wellbeing Week

Encouraging and incorporating a healthy lifestyle during the working day can play a big role in achieving a better work/life balance, and help to improve general health, productivity and feelings of happiness. Jonathan Jones, the Health & Wellbeing Champion for the public services industry says that a creating a working environment that promotes physical activity should be a priority for the workplace.

Recent studies by The Work Foundation show that 15 million days off were attributed to stress, depression and anxiety – an increase of 24% since 2009, at an estimated cost of £70billion each year. Alongside mental health, musculoskeletal health is one of the major conditions affecting British workers with 23% of all lost days due to back, neck and muscle pain.

Creating opportunities for staff to take part in physical activity at or after work improves not only physical but mental wellbeing and can be an effective way to maintain stronger, healthier backs and necks which were the number one cause of lost working days in 2013.

To encourage awareness and support healthier lifestyle choices, CSSC is collaborating with CS Employee Policy (CSEP) to deliver a nationwide Civil Service Active Wellbeing Week which will take place from Monday 2 July – Friday 6 July 2018.

Active Wellbeing Week will consist of a series of physical activity initiatives, events, inspirational stories and advice, all designed specifically to help the thousands of civil servants across the UK to be more active and affect positive changes in their physical and mental wellbeing. 
To make this week a roaring success, we’re relying on you to stand up and take part in the events and participate in the activities on offer, whether that’s encouraging your boss to pledge to make a positive lifestyle change or organising a group activity – your efforts and enthusiasm will help to make this week count.


What will be happening during Active Wellbeing Week?

  • A nationwide ‘make a pledge’ campaign, encouraging individuals to make a personal pledge on how they intend to be more active. Daily prize draws for those who pledge.
  • Three flagship events will be taking place in three Civil Service hubs across England, Scotland and Wales.
  • Both online and physical packs of tools and resources will be available to help individuals and workplaces get involved during the week and beyond.
So, download the resource pack, put on your thinking cap, rally the troops and plan some fun-filled activities for your co-workers and even your bosses to take part in and decide what your pledge will be for Active Wellbeing Week.



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