Be Your Better Self in 2019 with CSSC

New Year’s resolutions are usually about forming or breaking old habits in order to become better versions of ourselves; drinking less, walking more, making friends or reducing screen time. Our brains get very comfortable following existing neural pathways which is the natural flow of activity that gets  etched into our brains with repetitive behaviours. But with the right approach  you can change your habits and stick to your goals:

Be specific

Want to lose weight? Give it a number, 5 pounds, exercise 3 days a week, set yourself a clear and achievable goal.

Take small steps

By setting your targets just above what you currently do, you’re more likely to make that small change often, rather than being overwhelmed by making one big change.

One at a time

Set yourself one main goal for 2019 and apply yourself whole-heartedly. Once you’re rolling, you can add another.

Tell someone

By telling someone about your goal, not only can you ask for support, but it makes you slightly more accountable and more likely to stick at it.

Try again tomorrow

Don’t let one slip-up, or even two take you off course. Just try again tomorrow and remember positive changes are long-term commitments and there’s always going to be some slippage along the way.

Whether you’re one of the 20% of the population making a resolution for 2019 or simply pondering the year ahead with dreams of becoming a better version of yourself, CSSC has got you covered.

In 2019 I will...