About The Charity for Civil Servants

The Charity for Civil Servants supports all civil servants, past and present, throughout their lives, with whatever problems they may have. You'd be surprised with what we deal with every day.

So, just get in touch. Whether it's reducing stress, handling debt, managing caring responsibilities, mental health and wellbeing issues, relationship breakdown, bereavement, retirement and residential care advice, dealing with an emergency or helping you enjoy a better quality of life - we've a team of trained advisors who are there to listen and help you cope with life's unexpected challenges. The Charity relies on the support of fundraisers like CSSC's team of Three Peaks Challengers!

The Charity's CEO Graham Hooper sees its great strength as the fact that it is funded by civil servants themselves. "In an era when we're all encouraged to make a contribution to the wider community, the Civil Service can be proud that its in-house charity is funded by its own people. That's a significant achievement, because together I believe we make a real difference to the lives of colleagues such as Sarah who find themselves in need. I do hope you'll support this great team of CSSC colleagues as they prepare themselves for The Three Peaks Challenge."

Here are some examples of how far the Charity makes its donations go:

  • £25 Covers the cost of one Live Chat counselling session for a single parent needing support with their teenager
  • £50 Secures an online delivery of food for a family in crisis following severe flooding in their home
  • £100 Pays a gas bill for a woman with severe arthritis who required regulated heat to keep her condition from worsening
  • £500 Provides an advance deposit to help someone fleeing from domestic abuse find a safe place to live
  • £1,500 Helps the family of a child with autism access specialist help and equipment


Sarah is just one of thousands of families in need that the charity has helped over the years.

Sarah is a civil servant who works at DWP. She is pictured here with her mother Patricia, who is also a civil servant, and her daughter Megan. Megan is severely disabled and they desperately needed to adapt their home to achieve a better quality of life for her. "Megan is partially sighted, has serious epilepsy and can't even sit up by herself," says Sarah. "Unfortunately, we still don't have a diagnosis, so we don't know exactly what's wrong. With Megan growing, we need to adapt our house for everything she needs. We fundraised for over three years, but we were still quite a way off our target. It was then my boss reminded me about the Charity for Civil Servants."

Once Sarah got in contact with the charity, they were able to financially support her until the adaptations had been completed, allowing Megan full access to her own home. "When I got the phone call, I was so shocked I burst into tears! We've widened our front door and had a lift installed so we can get Megan upstairs without carrying her. We've also increased the size of her room and bathroom so we can fit in all her medical equipment. The process was really easy - everyone at the charity was so friendly and the information on their carer's passport was a great help. They've made a huge difference to Megan's life and ours, and I can't thank them enough."



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