Free Seeds

Free Seeds

Want to start your own grow-your-own adventure?

CSSC Member and volunteer Robert Gillies and a group of like-minded friends wanted to give something back to their community and improve the town they lived in. They thought it would be great to have fruit trees all over the town where the kids could get free fruit and that was how the East Kilbride Development Trust began. The Trust also offers courses in composting, bee-keeping and chicken-rearing and encourages cooking and healthy eating amongst various other community projects.

The focus of the group is to facilitate an increasing interest to improve the environmental sustainability of community life and help people learn about and grow their own food.

CSSC is donating £1000 to the Trust to help towards their annual running costs and in exchange, the group has agreed to send seeds to any members looking to start their grow-your-own adventure.

Our seeds

All seeds have been cultivated and propagated in the UK from top quality organic plants that will give you the best results.

How to grow

Find out how to grow kale, spinach, spring onions, lambs lettuce, garlic chives, asparagus, and broad beans.  

Vegetable planting guide

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